ISSUE 9, April 2004

The Duke of Wellington: A Brother in arms
Quarterly Communication: Address of the Grand Master and Report of the Board of General Purposes
Life with the Stars: Masons and famous people
Hall Stone Jewel: Cyril Spackman, designer
Travel: Jamaica
Grand Charity: Annual Report and Accounts
Masonic stamps: Masonry on stamps
Library & Museum of Freemasonry: Antients and Moderns go on-line
Masonic education: Events for Freemasons
Masonic charities: The continuing work
Bowel cancer: How the Grand Charity is helping
Royal Arch: Russia and Eastern Europe
Richard Eve: A former Grand Treasurer
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Out and about with the NMSF
The New Masonic Samaritan Fund continues to fund medical treatment across the length and breadth of England and Wales (and even further on occasion).
      With expenditure in support of those in need in excess of £3 million a year, and with 50% of the grants made being in support of the wives, widows and dependants of Masons, the Fund also tries to provide support to all areas of the body.
      However, the majority of requests for support continue to be in respect of orthopaedic procedures. Whilst non lifethreatening, these conditions are extremely debilitating and often result in a very long wait for treatment via the NHS.
      Two recent examples serve to illustrate the real change to the lives of individuals that are possible through the work of the NMSF.
      The assistance from the NMSF brought forward treatment for Mason Edward Hitchcox by as much as 18 months. He is now back at work after surgery to replace both knee joints, and continues to make good progress every day.
      The photograph shows him standing proudly beside the 08.45 from Kings Cross to Glasgow before driving it as far as Newcastle.
      The support provided has transformed him from, in his words ‘someone who could barely walk to his front gate, to someone who now finds other pedestrians are holding him up’.
      Following a hip replacement operation, funded by the NMSF, Mrs Patricia Smith is now able to walk her dog across the fields of Pwllheli and is looking forward to being able to sort out the garden again.
      If you know someone who has a medical need and is faced with a long wait for treatment via the NHS, please make sure that they know about the New Masonic Samaritan Fund.
      They can only help when they know help is needed. Although the Fund can make it happen, only you can make it possible.

NMSF support continues
Following very generous support from the Grand Charity, the NMSF was able to embark on a two-year trial to determine the need for support in two previously unfunded areas.
      During this period funds have been available to support the drug treatment of cancer and degenerative diseases. Thanks largely to improvements within the NHS, in particular with regard to the ‘post-coding’ lottery, demand for support has not been as high as was expected.
      However, a significant number of applicants have been able, throughout the trial period, to gain access to the drugs they require as a direct result of the co-operation between the Grand Charity and the NMSF.
      Although the trial period has now finished, the NMSF will continue to offer support to any individuals who meet the qualifying criteria. Anyone who has been diagnosed as in need of, but is unable to gain access to, drug treatment in support of a cancer or degenerative disease-related condition should contact the Fund as soon as possible.

Edward Hitchcox – back on track

Helping with financial need
60 Great Queen Street
London WC2B 5AZ
T: 020 7395 9293
Fax: 020 7395 9295
Web site:

Helping older people
20 Great Queen St
London WC2B 5BG
T: 020 7596 2400
Fax: 020 7404 0724
Web site:

Helping young people
31 Great Queen Street
London WC2B 5AG
T: 020 7405 2644
Fax: 020 7831 4094
Web site:

Supporting those in medical need
26 Great Queen Street
London WC2B 5BL
T: 020 7404 1550
Fax: 020 7404 1544
Web site: