ISSUE 9, April 2004

The Duke of Wellington: A Brother in arms
Quarterly Communication: Address of the Grand Master and Report of the Board of General Purposes
Life with the Stars: Masons and famous people
Hall Stone Jewel: Cyril Spackman, designer
Travel: Jamaica
Grand Charity: Annual Report and Accounts
Masonic stamps: Masonry on stamps
Library & Museum of Freemasonry: Antients and Moderns go on-line
Masonic education: Events for Freemasons
Masonic charities: The continuing work
Bowel cancer: How the Grand Charity is helping
Royal Arch: Russia and Eastern Europe
Richard Eve: A former Grand Treasurer
Book reviews

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Stephanie Voyager
takes off for Jamaica on an "all inclusive" holiday, and dines in a Freemason's restaurant.

For my ‘all inclusive’, I chose to go to Beaches, a spin-off of the Sandals ‘couples’ resorts that also caters for families and single people.
       My particular choice of destination had been determined by the fact that Beaches Boscobel included free golf lessons (virtually everything is included free on this type of holiday), and that Jamaica promised year-round balmy temperatures of between 75°- 85°F.
       The third largest island in the Caribbean, Jamaica is known for its reggae music, miles of sandy beaches, clear blue sea and spicy cooking. Because of the facilities offered, I chose to go to a family resort.
       As it was out of term time, I hoped that there wouldn’t be too many children. How wrong can you be! Beaches Boscobel is a haven for tiny tots, as well as older ones, and it seemed that wherever I looked there were grown-ups surrounded by their off-spring, many still in arms.
       The complex is tiered, and I had a lovely room within minutes’ walk of the beach, overlooking the sea. Higher up is a large swimming pool area. When I arrived a band was playing in the pool area with the sounds wafting to the bedrooms. Luckily, after a ten and a half hour flight, I was exhausted and had no trouble sleeping.
       Next day, after a tour of the complex, complete with its own zoo, kids’ camp, and children’s pool complete with slides, it became clear that rather than being involved in the many activities designed for them, a lot of the children preferred to remain with their parents. This included many of them playing in the main swimming pool with all that that entailed.
       Fortunately, the area seems to be dominated by resorts owned by the Group, and as a single person I was able to transfer to Beaches Grande Sport, an adults-only resort which only accepts people over the age of 16.
       Although there are a few bedrooms in the main house, one of its attractions is being housed in one of the many villas situated around the resort, each with its own swimming pool.