ISSUE 9, April 2004

The Duke of Wellington: A Brother in arms
Quarterly Communication: Address of the Grand Master and Report of the Board of General Purposes
Life with the Stars: Masons and famous people
Hall Stone Jewel: Cyril Spackman, designer
Travel: Jamaica
Grand Charity: Annual Report and Accounts
Masonic stamps: Masonry on stamps
Library & Museum of Freemasonry: Antients and Moderns go on-line
Masonic education: Events for Freemasons
Masonic charities: The continuing work
Bowel cancer: How the Grand Charity is helping
Royal Arch: Russia and Eastern Europe
Richard Eve: A former Grand Treasurer
Book reviews

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Election of Officers
The Board has considered the provisions of Rules 105(a) and 112(a) which deal respectively with the election each year of a Master and a Treasurer. Almost invariably there is only one nomination for each office and time has to be spent in conducting an uncontested ballot. The changes proposed by the Board will make for more efficiency in the conduct of the business of the Lodge.
       The Board stresses that the changes are permissive only and that Lodges are free to continue the current practice if they so wish. However, the Master must take care to ascertain that there is only one nomination and the procedure must not be utilised if there is an objection from any member.
       Notice of Motion for the next Quarterly Communication of the Grand Lodge: The President of the Board of General Purposes to move:

Amendments to the Book of Constitutions ‘(i) That the following sentence be added at the end of Rule 105(a):
       “If there be only one nomination and if no other member duly qualified shall have indicated to the Secretary that he wishes to be considered and if no member present calls for a ballot then it shall be permissable for the Master to declare the election in favour of the nominated member.” (ii) That Rule 112(a) be amended to read:
       “(a) The Treasurer shall be elected by the members on the regular day of election of the Master and in the same manner.”’
     The MW The Grand Master with the new Deputy Grand Master, RW Bro Peter Lowndes

The Board has received reports that the following Lodges have resolved to surrender their Warrants: Princes Lodge No. 2316 in order to amalgamate with Ancient Union Lodge No. 203 (West Lancashire); Commercial Travellers Lodge No. 3493 and Forest of Fulwood Lodge No. 6388 in order to amalgamate with Preston Guild Lodge No. 4408 (West Lancashire); Crompton Lodge No. 5227 in order to amalgamate with Boltonian Lodge No. 3716 (East Lancashire); Fistral Lodge No. 6258 in order to amalgamate with St. Michael Lodge No. 2747 (Cornwall); Temple Manor Lodge No. 8397 in order to amalgamate with Lee- Kent Lodge No. 4110 (West Kent).
       The Resolution that the Lodges be removed from the register in order to effect the respective amalgamations was approved.

Erasure of Lodges
The Board has received a report that ten Lodges have closed and surrendered their Warrants. The Lodges are: Stockwell Lodge No. 1339 (London), St. George Lodge No. 2544 (Natal), Liberty Lodge No. 3888 (West Lancashire), Anfield Priory Lodge No. 4039 (West Lancashire), Carleton Lodge No. 4582 (London), Culminatum Lodge No. 5709 (London), Diaconus Lodge No. 6410 (Surrey), White Stone Lodge No. 7098 (London), Centenary Lodge No. 7215 (Zimbabwe), St. Wilfrid’s Lodge No. 7836 (West Lancashire).
       Over recent years, the Lodges have been unable to attract a sufficient flow of new members and have suffered very low attendances. The Board is satisfied that further efforts to save them would be to no avail and therefore has no alternative but to recommend that they be erased.
       A Resolution to this effect was approved.
       In the year to 31 December, 2003, there were no resignations from the Craft, under Rule 277A, Book of Constitutions.

As required by Rule 277(a) (i) (B) and (D), Book of Constitutions, the following list shows Brethren expelled from the Craft on 25 December 2003 with the Lodges and (Chapters) of which once a member:
       Lawrence Patrick Martin Collins (L3468), Nigel Paul Boxall (L7211), Kevin James McGuigan (L551, L1538 (C551)), Anthony Colin White (L9165), Peter Creary (L2961), Noel Sidney Williams Jnr (L7740), Keith Brian White (L1805, L7509, (C7069)), Allan Arthur Green (L4644, L7645), Jeffrey Batt (L7243), Anthony JohnGilbert (L8736, (C8736)).

Motion Pursuant to Notice
Amendments to the Book of Constitutions The President of the Board of General Purposes moved:

(1) That a new Rule 191(C) be inserted as follows:
       “191(C) Whenever any return or form is required by or in consequence of any Rule of the Book of Constitutions to be submitted to the Grand Secretary it shall be permissible if (but only if), and to the extent that, the Board of General Purposes from time to time so directs for that return or form to be submitted in such electronic format as the Board may approve.”

(2) That with effect from 1 January 2005 Rule 61(a) be amended to read:
       “61(a)(i) A Metropolitan Grand Master may once a year confer Metropolitan Grand Rank, designated by reference to the name of his Metropolitan Area (e.g. London Grand Rank), on Past Masters in Lodges of his Metropolitan Area, who have rendered long and meritorious service to the Craft in the Metropolitan Area and are members of the Grand Lodge in accordance with Rule 9, to a number not exceeding one for every complete 50 Freemasons in his Metropolitan Area registered in the books of the Grand Lodge on 1 September of the preceding year.

(ii) On such occasions as shall seem to him proper either for Masonic celebration or otherwise, the Grand Master may authorise a Metropolitan Grand Master to confer Metropolitan Grand Rank on an additional number of qualified Brethren.

(iii) A Metropolitan Grand Master, to the extent that the numbers permitted to be appointed to Metropolitan Grand Rank under this Rule have not been exceeded, may confer the rank designated Metropolitan Rank on Master Masons in Lodges of the Metropolitan Area who have rendered long and meritorious service to the Craft in the Metropolitan Area, the holders of such ranks to take precedence immediately after the Holders of Metropolitan Grand Rank; and any holder of Metropolitan Rank shall, in the event that he becomes a Past Master and thereby a member of the Grand Lodge in accordance with Rule 9, thereupon become a Holder of Metropolitan Grand Rank without the need for further appointment.

(iv) A Metropolitan Grand Master may also at his discretion and without regard to the above limitation confer Metropolitan Grand Rank on Past Masters in Lodges of his Metropolitan Area who have rendered long and meritorious service to the Craft in his Metropolitan Area and who are Officers (present or past) of Provincial or District Grand Lodges or holders of Metropolitan Grand Rank (in another Metropolitan Area) or Overseas Grand Rank.

(v) A Metropolitan Grand Master may annually at his discretion appoint Brethren who already hold Metropolitan Grand Rank or any Overseas Grand Rank, or Past Provincial or District Grand Officers, to be holders of Senior Metropolitan Grand Rank.

(vi) The holders of such respective ranks shall be entitled to wear at all Masonic meetings the distinctive regalia prescribed under Rules 246, 249, 260, 265 and 268, but can claim precedence as such only within their Metropolitan Area.”
The Motion was approved.