ISSUE 8, January 2004
Musical Masons: Gilbert and Sullivan
Travel: Proud Prague
Charge of a Mason: The Charge of the Light Brigade
Supreme Grand Chapter: Speech by the Pro First Grand Principal and Report of the Committee of General Purposes
Israel: 50th Anniversary of Grand Lodge
London Masonry: Inauguration of Metropolitan Grand Lodge and the Metropolitan Grand Chapter
Quarterly Communication: Deputy Grand Master's Address and Report of the Board of General Purposes
Masonic charities: News and Masonic Almoners
Library & Museum of Freemasonry: Not everything in an apron is 'Masonic'
Masonic education: Masonic diary dates
Letters, Gardening, Book reviews

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Masonic diary dates

Library & Museum lunchtime talks
Each talk will commence at 1.15pm on a Tuesday in spring 2004 and last 30-35 minutes. Entry is free of charge and open to all.

16th March Fraternal Communications: Masonic newspapers and periodicals in the Library and Museum (Rebecca Coombes, Librarian).
23rd March Sunk Deep in English Soil: American Lodges in London (Tim Winkle, Museum Assistant).
30th March A Tea, a Dance & Supper: Masonic Ladies Festivals (Fay Newman, Assistant Curator).
6th April The Masonic Sons of George III (Martin Cherry, Assistant Librarian).
13th April Tokens of Friendship and Gratitude - Lodge loving cups and presentation silver in the Museum collection (Mark Dennis, Curator).
20th April Treading the Boards: Freemasonry and the Theatre (Katrina Jowett, Senior Assistant Librarian).
27th April Sir Michael Costa: Freemasonry and Victorian Music (Diane Clements, Director).
The Cornerstone Society
On Thursday, 26 February 2004, at 6.30pm, Julian Rees will deliver a talk at Broadsmith Lodge No. 3593 entitled Freemasonry - the Heart of the Matter. A brief synopsis of his talk:
     We make much use of the word 'heart' in our rituals - it is the first place we were prepared to be made a Mason; we work towards our heart being expanded by benevolence; we dedicate our heart to the glory of God and the welfare of our fellow mortals.
     But we seem to interpret this all too often in the sense of philanthropy and compassion, in other words in relation to our fellow man, and not towards ourselves.
     In fact the heart is at the centre of all we should do on our Masonic path to achieve self-knowledge, and the constant search for divinity within the individual.
     This is not an academic pursuit - it is the true meaning of Freemasonry, and through it we hope to 'unfold the beauties of true godliness', to ignite that spark of divinity which resides in each one of us, without which it is so much more difficult to be a truly good and compassionate member of the world we live in.
     The Lodge meets at Manor Road, Wallasey, Wirral. We understand that some senior officers of the provincial Grand Lodge of Cheshire will attend.
     To attend send a stamped addressed envelope and a cheque for 16 for the Lodge meeting and dinner, cheques made payable to Broadsmith Lodge and addressed to John Ekblom, 14 Copeland Close, Pensby, Wirral, CH61 8TH, saying 'Feb 26 talk'. A ticket will be sent.
     Further details from John Ekblom: T 0151 648 9345 or email
Canonbury Masonic Research Centre
Spring 2004 Public Lectures (Wednesdays, 7pm-9pm (Entry fee 7).

18 February Dr Ahmed Osman: Moses & Akhenaten - The Secret History of Egypt at the Time of the Exodus.
17 March Michael Edwards: On Contemplating the Heavens - Hermetic & Cultural Cosmology.
21 April Robert A. Gilbert: The Crucified Rose - The Rosicrucian Diaspora in the English-Speaking World.

To reserve a place at the lectures please send a cheque for 7 made payable to Canonbury Masonic Research Centre.
     Enquiries: Carole McGilvery 020 7226 6256 - email: Web site:
     Canonbury Bookshop and The Bookshop - Freemasons' Hall, available now: The Canonbury Papers - Volume 1: The Social Impact of Freemasonry on the Modern Western World.
     Contains nine papers given at CMRC's second international conference, which embrace significant political, social, and cultural themes revealing the contribution and involvement of Freemasonry. Limited edition only 17.50 (+ 2.50 postage & packaging UK). Sterling payments only please.

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