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Quarterly Communication 10 December 2003
Recognition of Foreign Grand Lodges
The Prince Hall Grand Lodges of The Bahamas, The Caribbean and Jurisdiction, and Maryland.

The Prince Hall Grand Lodge of The Bahamas was formed on 27 February 1950 and the Prince Hall Grand Lodge of The Caribbean and Jurisdiction on 21 April 1993 from Lodges set up within those jurisdictions by the Prince Hall Grand Lodge of New York, which was recognised on 12 June 2002.
    The Prince Hall Grand Lodge of Maryland was formed from three Lodges established in Maryland by what is now the Prince Hall Grand Lodge of Pennsylvania in 1845. The Prince Hall Grand Lodge of Pennsylvania was recognised on 11 June 1997.

The Grand Lodges of Latvia and Lithuania

The Grand Lodges of Latvia and Lithuania were each formed from three Lodges meeting in Latvia and Lithuania, which had been established by the United Grand Lodges of Germany.
    The Grand Lodge of Lithuania was formed on 13 April 2002 and the Grand Lodge of Latvia on 8 March 2003.

Having shown that they are descendants of duly recognised Grand Lodges and that they conform to the Basic Principles for Grand Lodge Recognition, resolutions to recognise these six Grand Lodges were approved.
Approval was given to the amalgamation of the following Lodges: Ebury Lodge No. 1348 in order to amalgamate with Eccleston Lodge No. 1624 (London); Centenary Lodge No. 4908 in order to amalgamate with Lodge of Concord No. 343 (West Lancashire); Barnet London Borough Council Lodge No. 5433 in order to amalgamate with Borough of Finchley Lodge No. 6089 (Middlesex); Lodge of Equity No. 6119 in order to amalgamate with Shakespeare Lodge No. 1018 (Yorkshire, West Riding).
Erasure of Lodges
The Board has received reports on 12 Lodges that have closed and surrendered their Warrants. The Lodges are: Lodge of Temperance No. 169 (London); Wolseley Lodge No. 1993 (East Lancashire); St Pancras Lodge No. 2271 (London); Earl of Derby Lodge No. 3564 (East Lancashire); Monkseaton Lodge No. 3637 (Northumberland); Croydon Lodge of Fidelity No. 4247 (Surrey); Columbia Lodge No. 4682 (South America, Southern Division); SouthallNorwood Lodge No. 4868 (Middlesex); Msasa Lodge No. 6802 (Zimbabwe); Old Lancastrian Lodge No. 7451 (West Lancashire); Pleasington Lodge No. 8701 (East Lancashire); Bricket Wood Lodge No. 9025 (Hertfordshire).
RMBI Presentation
There was a presentation from the Royal Masonic Benevolent Institution.
Electronic transmission of Returns
The Lodge and membership information held at Freemasons' Hall by the Grand Secretary has recently been transferred to a new and more sophisticated electronic database, which when fully developed will be capable of receiving information and returns electronically, initially via Metropolitan, Provincial and District Grand Secretaries.
    In order that advantage may be taken of this facility the Board recommends that it be given power to authorise, on a permissive basis, the electronic submission of returns and forms.
    It is envisaged that the process should be introduced gradually, with an initial pilot scheme covering annual returns of Lodges in London and some Provinces, and extended from time to time both in area and scope.
    A notice of motion to amend the Book of Constitutions accordingly at the next Quarterly Communication was moved.
As required by Rule 277(a)(1)(B) and (D), Book of Constitutions, 10 Brethren were recently expelled from the Craft.
MW The Grand Master has made the following appointments: VW Bro. Richard George Hamilton Goddard PGSwdB to be Provincial Grand Master for Worcestershire in succession to RW Bro. Barrie Cooper; W Bro Francis Wakem QPM, PSGD to be Provincial Grand Master for Wiltshire in succession to RW Bro Brian Edwick.
    The First Grand Principal has appointed E Comp. Richard Brian Ward Price to be Grand Superintendent in and over Worcestershire in succession to E Comp Barrie Cooper.
New Lodges
List of new Lodges for which Warrants have been granted by The MW The Grand Master, showing the date from which their Warrants became effective.

Date of Warrant / No. and name of Lodge / Location / Area

9773 Fiat Lux / Devizes / Wiltshire
9774 Braintree Saint George / Braintree / Essex
9775 Grand Junction / Stoke Bruerne / Northamptonshire
9776 Ernest Sidney Larkin Lodge of Research and Instruction / Freeport / Bahamas & Turks
9777 Lodge of Opportunity / Watford / Hertfordshire
9778 Bridlington Bay / Bridlington / Yorkshire, North & East Ridings
9779 Trent Valley Daylight / Crowle / Lincolnshire

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