ISSUE 6, July 2003
Sir Arthur Conan Doyle: Elementary, my dear brother
Travel: Magic of the Emerald Isle
Masonic clocks
Quarterly Communication and Annual Investiture
Masonic charity: 200 masons run for Crisis and Grand Charity and The Royal Masonic Trust for Girls and Boys and The Royal Masonic Benevolent Institution
Supreme Grand Chapter: Annual Investiture
Masonic education: Events for Freemasons
Library & Museum of Freemasonry: Exhibition on ladies nights
Book reviews

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Grand Lodge Accounts 2002
In presenting the report and accounts, Lord Cadogan, President of the Board of General Purposes, said: "The operating results for the year showed a deficit for the year due to the heavy initial costs in getting the MQ magazine off the ground, and the continued refurbishment and redecoration of Freemasons' Hall, which is nearly completed. "I am glad to see from our survey that MQ has been favourably received by the Craft as a whole. The feedback has been most helpful and we are gradually increasing the Masonic content over the next few issues.
     "The pension deficit under FRS 17 looks large. In common with a considerable number of final salary schemes in conjunction with the poor performance of Stock Exchange price, the FRS 17 highlights a significant shortfall in funding,
     "An actuarial valuation is being carried out and we will be increasing the employer's contribution for a number of years."
     The audited accounts, for 2002 were approved.
The following distinguished overseas visitors attended Grand Lodge:
     W Bro Colin Mills Grand Lodge Alpina of Switzerland, UGLE representative at that Grand Lodge.
     RW Bro Nat Granstein Assistant Grand Master, Grande Loge Nationale Française.
     MW Bro Michael Cooper Grand Master, Grand Lodge of British Freemasons in Germany, and VW Bro Bruno Schulz, Grand Secretary and two brethren.
     MW Bro Alexandre Cleven Grand Master, Regular Grand Lodge of Belgium.

From our own Constitution:

     RW Bro Peter Wong District Grand Master, Hong Kong and the Far East.
     RW Bro Stanley Ward District Grand Master of Gibraltar.
     VW Bro John Fookes Grand Inspector, Montreal and Halifax.
Prestonian Lectures
(1) 2002
The Anglo-Irish Masonic Connections
The lecturer W Bro C W Wallis-Newport has informed the Board that in addition to the five official deliveries to Lodge of St Michael No. 2933 (Eastern Archipelago); University Lodge of the West Indies No. 7128 (Jamaica and the Cayman Islands); Euclid Lodge of Installed Masters No. 7464 (London); Bristol Installed Masters Lodge No. 8168 (Bristol); and Senatores Lodge of Installed Masters No. 8966 (West Lancashire), the lecture was also delivered on 27 other occasions throughout the Constitution.
     The Board expressed its thanks for the considerable time and effort he has spent in this connection.

(ii) 2003
The contribution of the Provinces to the development of English Freemasonry
The Prestonian Lecturer for 2003 is W Bro Professor A Newman. Three official Prestonian Lectures for 2003 have been, or will be given, to Jubilee Masters Lodge No. 2712 (London), Hamilton Lodge of Installed Masters No. 5454 (Cheshire) and Gild of Holy Trinity Lodge No. 6125 (Cambridgeshire).

(iii) 2004
English Speculative Freemasonry Origins, Themes and Developments
The Board has submitted a nomination to the Trustees of the Prestonian Fund and they have appointed W Bro AT Stewart as Prestonian Lecturer for 2004. Bro Stewart states that the title of his Lecture will be English Speculative Freemasonry: Origins, Themes and Developments.

Arrangements for the delivery of the Lectures to selected Lodges will be considered by the Board in November and applications are now invited from Lodges. Applications should be made to the Grand Secretary, from London Lodges through London Management, 33 Great Queen Street, London WC2B 5UN and from Provincial and District Lodges through Provincial or District Grand Secretaries.
The Board has received a report that seven Lodges have closed and have surrendered their Warrants. The Lodges are:

Heidelberg Lodge No. 2354 (South Africa, North)
     Bootle-Wilbraham Lodge No. 2463 (West Lancashire)
     Goodacre Lodge No. 2495 (West Lancashire)
     St Nicholas Lodge No. 6814 (Durham)
     Lodge Vaal No. 7039 (South Africa, North)
     Fidelis Lodge No. 7297 (Nottinghamshire)
     Caishowe Lodge No. 7536 (Hertfordshire)

A resolution to erase the Lodges was approved.
The Grand Lodge of Minnesota
At the Quarterly Communication in June 2002 the Grand Lodge withdrew recognition from the Grand Lodge of Minnesota because of its decision to recognise the irregular Grand Lodge of France.
     In April of this year, at its Annual Meeting, the Grand Lodge of Minnesota voted to withdraw recognition from the Grand Lodge of France, and has subsequently requested re-recognition by the United Grand Lodge of England.
     The Board believes that the Grand Lodge of Minnesota is not likely to re-recognise the Grand Lodge of France, and therefore recommends that recognition be restored.
     A resolution to this effect was approved.
New Lodges
List of new Lodges for which Warrants have been granted by the MW the Grand Master, showing the date from which their Warrants became effective:

Date of Warrant
     12 March 2003
No. and Name of Lodge / Location / Area
     9768 Sri Damai / Kuala Lumpur / Eastern Archipelago
     9769 Glanford Vale / Brigg / Lincolnshire

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