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Quarterly Communication: Report of the Board of General Purposes
Masonic News: Capital Event, Brazil's Grand Chapter
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Masonic Education: A Feast of Learning
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A capital event

Preparations for Albert Hall event to constitute new London system
The constitution of the Metropolitan Grand Lodge and Metropolitan Grand Chapter of London by the Grand Master will take place at the Royal Albert Hall on Wednesday 1 October.
     This is subject to the necessary changes to the Book of Constitutions and Royal Arch Regulations. These were approved by Grand Lodge in March and will come up for approval at Supreme Grand Chapter in May.
     A draft project plan was submitted to the London Management Executive Committee by Brian de Neut, deputy chairman, London Management, in April 2002, and in May the project manager was appointed.
     A Main Project Committee was formed, consisting of eight members, and subcommittees for fundraising and finance, media and publications, and ceremonial.
     Project manager Brian Wright says: "The Royal Albert Hall was chosen as it is the largest prestige event venue in Central London, and has had a long and happy association with Freemasonry.
     "The capacity of the hall is approximately 5,300 seats, which means that most London Lodges and Chapters will be able to be represented by two brethren or companions."
     With a ceremony in the morning and another in the afternoon, lunch arrangements are for 800 seated in a restaurant setting, while most will have the option of a boxed lunch, or going to one of the bars for a sandwich.
     The Grand Master will lunch with 300 brethren in the Gallery, and a programme of musical entertainment has been arranged for those lunching in the Gallery or auditorium.
     The event is expected to be self-financing, so an admission charge of 15 has been made for the morning and 15 for the afternoon. The charge for lunch is at cost.
     Brian Wright adds: "Please leave regalia cases at home, as we shall supply a plastic bag in which brethren can bring regalia, and which they can sit on during the ceremonies."

Brazil's Grand Chapter

South American Royal Arch launch takes place in Rio
Some years ago Supreme Grand Chapter received a request from the Grand Orient of Brazil asking it to constitute a Grand Chapter in Brazil to work the Royal Arch in the English style.
     English Royal Arch Masonry is very popular in Brazil and there has been considerable pressure for the consecration of more Chapters within the District of South America Northern Division.
     Last autumn a formal request was received from the Grand Orient.
     A minimum of three Chapters is required to form a Grand Chapter. As a starting point to achieve this, Supreme Grand Chapter agreed to the consecration of a new Chapter in London to be attached to Pegasus Lodge No. 2205, which would meet in Rio de Janeiro - initially under the authority of the District.
     In addition, two failing Chapters in the Province of Cheshire and one in Middlesex, were planning to hand in their Charters but agreed to transfer from England to Rio de Janeiro to become the founding Chapters of the new Grand Chapter.
     Ashfield Chapter No. 4129 and Leasowe Chapter No. 3761, both in Cheshire, and Woodcock Hill Chapter No. 5576, in Middlesex, each delivered a written notice of motion, signed by seven Companions, to remove from England to Rio de Janeiro.
     The Companions also voted to petition Supreme Grand Chapter that, when cancelled, the Charters of each Chapter be retained by the Chapters to provide historical continuity in their new home.
     Following the approval of these resolutions, each Chapter then held an emergency meeting to elect, as joining members, Companions residing in Brazil, to take the Chapters forward in their new home.
     Meanwhile, on 20 November 2002, Pegasus Chapter No. 2205 was consecrated in London by the Reverend Peter Hemingway, Past Third Grand Principal, with Alan Englefield, Grand Superintendent, Oxfordshire, as First Principal.
     Pegasus Chapter subsequently held an emergency meeting to elect joining members living in Brazil, including the Companions designated to be the Grand Principals of the Supreme Grand Chapter of Brazil.
     On 5 February, in Rio de Janeiro, the Pro First Grand Principal, Lord Northampton, constituted and erected the Supreme Grand Chapter of Brazil in the presence of about 80 Companions.
     He was assisted by Past Third Grand Principals David Williamson and Rev Peter Hemingway, acting as Second and Third Grand Principals. Ten Companions from England were present and the ceremony was conducted in English.
     Lord Northampton installed Laelso Rodrigues as First Grand Principal of the Supreme Grand Chapter of Brazil.
     He, in turn, installed Sergio Romay as Second Grand Principal, Claudio Ferreira as Third Grand Principal, Tullio Colacioppo as Pro First Grand Principal and invested the first Grand Officers.

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