ISSUE 4, January 2003
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Captain Courageous: Mason Eric Moody's Horror Flight
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   Charity News: Grand Charity and New Masonic Samaritan Fund and RMBI - Making the Difference and New Masonic Samaritan Fund - In Safe Hands
Spring lecture season: Library & Museum of Freemasonry; Cornerstone Society; Canonbury Masonic Research Centre; Sheffield University
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The RMBI - Making the Difference
The RMBI provides a comprehensive range of services to meet the needs of an increasing number of older Freemasons and their dependants.
    Many Freemasons will already be aware of this. It is achieved by the provision of care via a national network of homes as well as practical support for those who wish to remain in their own homes. However, the RMBI also believes that real value can be offered through the attention paid to the smaller details, the things that can make all the difference, often achieved by smaller groups affiliated to the RMBI.
    The Friends of the RMBI have now been raising money towards this fund for more than 30 years, and have so far raised in excess of 318,000. This money is mainly used to fund two-week holidays in Eastbourne, Thorpe Bay, Llandudno and Bournemouth every year for annuitants and those in receipt of Masonic Relief Grants (see MQ No. 3 page 63).
    However, it can also be used, on a purely discretionary basis, by the chief executive of the RMBI to assist those who are in the greatest need.
    Money is raised through a combination of the Roll of Honour (whereby contributions to the fund are celebrated and acknowledged), the annual Charity Ball and the Good Neighbour Fund Charity Draw.

RMBI Charity Ball 2003: How You Can Help
Next year's Charity Ball will be held on Saturday, 14 June 2003 at the Savoy, London, and tickets are available priced at 68 each.
    If you are interested in attending the Charity Ball, would like to make a donation or help by selling raffle tickets, please contact the Donations Clerk at Head Office.

New National Association of Masonic Widows' Friendship Clubs
The RMBI is proposing to create a national association of Masonic Widows' Friendship Clubs, known as 'Link'.
    This will have the aim of coordinating local clubs, and will allow members to share experiences and information, whilst promoting goodwill.
    It will then serve the purpose of allowing all members to feel part of a nationwide organisation. Peter Williams, RMBI director of communications, says: 'With the introduction of the new National Association of Masonic Widows' Friendship Clubs, we will really be able to offer help and support through a national newsletter.
    'This will provide an invaluable means of keeping members up to date with changes in relevant legislation, and advising them of the assistance available in times of need.'
    If you would like more information on the proposed National Association of Masonic Widows' Friendship Clubs, please contact the Communications Department at Head Office.

New Video Provides Information About the RMBI
A new video has been produced which illustrates the work of the RMBI, and the range of services that are available.
    Chief executive Peter Gray introduces the video, which features staff explaining the service provided, as well as residents describing the impact that the RMBI has had on their lives.
    Copies are available priced at 10 (including VAT, postage and packing). If you would like to receive a copy, please send a cheque, made out to the RMBI, to the Communications Manager at Head Office.
    For further information about RMBI, please contact: The RMBI, 20 Great Queen Street, London WC2B 5BG Tel: 0207 596 2400

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