ISSUE 3, October 2002
Brother Winston: Churchill as a Freemason
Travel: Getting the taste
Manchester City: Masons achieve their goal
Freemasonry in the Community: Sermon of the Dean of St Paul's Cathedral and Chief Executive spells out the five objectives of the Grand Charity
Quarterly Communication: Report of the Board of General Purposes and Address by the Pro Grand Master
A Dickens of a Night: Charles Dickens celebrated
   Masonic Research: Seek and ye shall find
Charity News: New Masonic Samaritan Fund and Grand Charity and Cornwall Freemasons raise 2.8m and MTGB: Special concert in the Grand Temple and RMBI: Care in action
Library and Museum: Burmese banners and Royal British Legion link
Freemasonry in the Community: Supplement
Book reviews

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Star letter

Three versions of the same print
I was very interested in David Peabody's article on the Whitechapel murders (MQ, Issue No.2), particularly the photograph of the Prince of Wales with the Dukes of Clarence and Connaught, taken at the Brighton Pavilion in 1886.
    Recently, I called at the Hawes Inn, Queensferry, near the Forth Rail Bridge in Scotland. Amazingly, the very same photograph was on the wall.
    As a keen collector, I took a photograph of it, which I have much pleasure in sending for your perusal. Although the pictures are the same, the one published by David Peabody is reversed, the Duke of Clarence (or is it Connaught) is an Entered Apprentice.
    I suspect that, on the same day he was initiated, he was promoted to Provincial Grand Master and that David's photo was "flipped" for some technical reason, but I would like to know.
    Trevor Brown, Wath upon Dearne, Rotherham, South Yorkshire.

Spot the difference.
    These three photographs are from the same print.
    Picture No.1 is the original, taken on 22 June 1886 at Brighton Pavilion with the Prince of Wales (Grand Master) centre, the Duke of Clarence (right) and his uncle, the Duke of Connaught (left). There is a face in the background.
    Picture No 2 (printed in MQ - but in reverse!) is an enhanced version of the first, with the face erased.
    Picture No 3 shows the Duke of Clarence in his regalia as Provincial Grand Master of Berkshire, in which office he was installed by the Prince of Wales at Reading Town Hall on 1 May 1890 when the Duke of Connaught was also present. However, it is the same print as the first two, the PGM regalia and jewels being added to the original photo, along with some slight facial changes. There was frost and fog on the day so no picture could be taken.
    The wonders of 19th century photographers!

Shackleton memories
Many years before I joined scouting, our troop was given a large trunk belonging to Lord Shackleton by his wife, Lady Shackleton, full of wonderful things belonging to the great man.
    Every year at camp the items were laid out for everyone to see: a large Indian blanket, his medals (including his Polar medal), numerous logs and notebooks.
    When Ijoined scouting, we had an Akela, an Amazon of a lady called Miss King, who started our troop, and knew Baden-Powell.
    Peter Stuart, Tonbridge, Kent

Reaching out
I was particularly interested in the article about Shackleton.
    As a wife of a Freemason and member of another great organisation - the Women's Institute - I must congratulate you on a very worthwhile publication.
    Your attempt to widen the knowledge of Freemasonry in the Community has been welcomed.
    In a WI publication I recently read that: "a young man had complained that men, too, needed something like the WI but had not got it. We need friends and safe space to. We've nowhere to go for that kind of support."
    Let us hope you can reach out to those young men and give them the support they need, even more today.
    Mrs Ann Hall, Flitwick, Bedfordshire

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