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Brother Winston: Churchill as a Freemason
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Manchester City: Masons achieve their goal
Freemasonry in the Community: Sermon of the Dean of St Paul's Cathedral and Chief Executive spells out the five objectives of the Grand Charity
Quarterly Communication: Report of the Board of General Purposes and Address by the Pro Grand Master
A Dickens of a Night: Charles Dickens celebrated
   Masonic Research: Seek and ye shall find
Charity News: New Masonic Samaritan Fund and Grand Charity and Cornwall Freemasons raise 2.8m and MTGB: Special concert in the Grand Temple and RMBI: Care in action
Library and Museum: Burmese banners and Royal British Legion link
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Attendance at Lodges under the English Constitution by brethren from other Grand Lodges
The Board considers it appropriate to draw attention to Rule 125(b), Book of Constitutions, and the list of Grand Lodges recognised by the United Grand Lodge of England, which is published in the Masonic Year Book, copies of which are sent to secretaries of Lodges.
    Only brethren who are members of Lodges under recognised jurisdictions may visit English Lodges. They must produce a certificate (i.e. a Grand Lodge certificate or other documentary proof of Masonic identity provided by their Grand Lodge), should be prepared to acknowledge that a personal belief in TGAOTU is an essential landmark in Freemasonry, and should be able to produce evidence of their good standing in their Lodges. It is the Master's responsibility to ensure that the requirements of Rule 125(b) are met.
    It is particularly noted that the hazard of admitting a member of an unrecognised constitution arises not only in connection with overseas visitors. There are Lodges of unrecognised constitutions meeting in England, and care must be taken that their members are not admitted to our meetings.

Prince Hall Grand Lodges of Arizona and Hawaii
The MW Prince Hall Grand Lodge of Arizona was formed on 3 May 1920 from eight Lodges meeting in Arizona warranted by the Prince Hall Grand Lodges of Colorado, Texas and Missouri.
    The Prince Hall Grand Lodge of Colorado was recognised by the United Grand Lodge of England on 10 December 1997.
    On 11 June 1997 the United Grand Lodge of England granted recognition to the Prince Hall Grand Lodge of California and Hawaii, which had itself been formed by the Prince Hall Grand Lodge of Massachusetts.
    On 2 June 2001 the Prince Hall Grand Lodge of Hawaii separated from the Prince Hall Grand Lodge of California and Hawaii to form an independent and sovereign Grand Lodge.
    Having shown that they are descendants of duly recognised Grand Lodges and that they conform to the Basic Principles for Grand Lodge
    Recognition, resolutions that these Grand Lodges be recognised were approved.

Patents of appointment
The Board decided last year that it was inherently unfair that a Provincial or District Grand Master or a Grand Inspector who carries out essential work for the Craft should be charged for the privilege and be required to pay for his patent of appointment. It accordingly recommended to the Grand Lodge that no charge should be levied.
    It is clearly undesirable that Rule 270A should continue to require that the charges for patents should be based on the cost of producing them and notice of motion to amend the Rule was given.

Panel for Clemency
The following members of the General Council have been elected to serve on the Panel for Clemency, in addition to the President and Deputy President of the Board of General Purposes:
RW Bro Sir John Welch PSGW
VW Bro 0 E Davinson PGSwdB
VW Bro N Morrison PGSwdB
VW Bro J S Winpenny GsuptWks
W Bro R K Wilson PSGD
W Bro R P Rosswick PJGD

As required by Rule 277(a) (i) (B) and (D), Book of Constitutions, three brethren have been expelled from the Craft.

Warrants Granted
The following is a list of new Lodges for which Warrants have been granted by the MW the Grand Master showing the date from which their Warrants became effective:
    12 June 2002: Lux Beata Lodge No. 9761 (Orsett, Essex) and Ancient and Loyal Lodge of Installed Masters No. 9762 (Ashton-inMakerfield, West Lancashire).

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