ISSUE 22, July 2007
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The Pro Grand Master, Lord Northampton and Provincial Grand Master Robin Wilson at the celebrations

An ice spectacular provided a fitting contribution to the big day
    Nottingham’s ice spectacular
The finale of the 2007 Nottinghamshire Festival on behalf of the New Masonic Samaritan Fund was celebrated in style at a spectacular ‘Big Day’ event held at the National Ice Stadium in Nottingham.
    An audience of 1,600, which included the Lord Lieutenant of Nottinghamshire and the Pro Grand Master, MW Bro Lord Northampton, watched as Fund Chief Executive, Richard Douglas, announced the final total. Thanks to the efforts of the legendary Robin Hood and his Merry Men, the wicked Sheriff of Nottingham failed in his attempt to abscond with the cheque for the outstanding total of £3,797,392.
    The Provincial Grand Master for Nottinghamshire, RW Bro Robin Wilson, was eventually able to formally present the proceeds of the Festival Appeal to NMSF President VW Bro Hugh Stubbs.
    In his response, Hugh Stubbs announced that the success of the Appeal, led by W Bro John Reid, had resulted in an average donation in excess of £1,000 from each member of the Province, the first time that such a figure had been reached in any Provincial Festival.
    Whilst congratulating all concerned on this marvellous and generous achievement, he asked members of the Province to continue to work as hard to identify all those who might need support from the Fund.
    The ‘Big Day’ celebrations at the Ice Centre, organised by W Bro Mike Woodcock and his team, included an ice display by skaters from the National Ice Centre Academy and musical entertainment provided by Donna Bateman (soprano), the Ransome Band and the combined voices of the Bestwood, Carlton and Radcliffe-on-Trent Male Voice Choirs. The celebrations concluded with a duet involving the PGM and Donna Bateman, as she complained that ‘You don’t bring me flowers anymore!’
    Not only has the Province raised the bar in terms of the level of donations from individual members, but all PGMs are now concerned about the need to practice their own cabaret routines.

The work goes on
Within its current financial year, the NMSF is likely to allocate grants in support of nearly 600 new applicants at a cost in the region of £3.75 million. This will be the highest number of applicants supported within any given year since the Fund was established in 1990. Despite this increase, many eligible applicants still have no idea how the NMSF operates and what support it can provide.
    Support is available to fund private medical treatment for Freemasons, their wives, widows and dependants, who have an identified medical need and, faced with a long wait for treatment via the NHS, are unable to afford private treatment. The application process is straightforward and totally confidential.
    Support is available for a wide variety of surgery and treatments licensed by the NHS. If you, or someone you know, has seen a consultant and is now faced with a wait of longer than three months for surgery (two months for cardiac), contact the NMSF to see if they can help.
    If you would like to know more about the work of the Fund, either in support of a possible application or simply for a daily advancement in Masonic knowledge, visit their website at or telephone 020 7404 1550 to ask for details, including the name of the nearest available speaker who can help you to spread the word.

Supporting those in medical need
26 Great Queen Street
London wc2b 5bl
T: 020 7404 1550
Fax: 020 7404 1544
Web site:

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