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    Aiding the air ambulances
During the Spring, Air Ambulance charities have been welcoming local Masons at their bases to present donations from The Freemasons’ Grand Charity totalling a magnificent £190,000. The money will help air ambulances across England and Wales to continue providing potentially life-saving support to the communities they serve.
    The grants are a valuable contribution towards the financial costs of what is the busiest voluntary emergency service in the country. Responding to a range of incidents, the air ambulances cost around £500,000 per week to operate. This enormous financial burden is met almost entirely by donations from the public.
    Collectively, the 16 air ambulance charities in England and Wales fly around 17,500 missions per year. Put another way, during any daylight hour, seven of 22 helicopters are attending the scene of an accident or other medical trauma. During these missions, the ambulances help patients access the hospital with the specialist skills for their needs as quickly as possible.
    The crew, comprising pilot, doctors, paramedics and nurse can be airborne within minutes of a call being received. This is a vital feature of the service, because patients have a greater chance of survival if they reach hospital within 60 minutes of the incident.
    The speed with which air ambulances are able to respond and transport patients maximises the value of this golden hour.
    Speaking about the grant, David Philpott, chairman of the Association of Air Ambulance Charities, said:

“Over the years, Freemasons have always been generous supporters of regional air ambulance charities. However, this co-ordinated gift of £190,000 represents the largest single donation ever to air ambulance charities.

“The Association of Air Ambulance Charities applauds not only the generosity of The Freemasons’ Grand Charity, but also the way in which it has been distributed. By dividing funds up in the way that it has, the Grand Charity has recognised the uniqueness of each regional charity, and in so doing has given local Freemasons a sense of ownership of their local service. I cannot overestimate the importance of these donations”.

The popularity of the air ambulances is in no small part because, whilst everyone hopes they will never need the services they provide, it is reassuring to know that they are on standby.
    The Freemasons’ Grand Charity is proud to be associated with this vital service and its rapid response to road traffic collisions, medical emergencies and other incidents 365 days of the year.

Supporting people in need
60 Great Queen Street
London wc2b 5az
T: 020 7395 9261
Fax: 020 7395 9295
Web site:

Local Masons have been distributing Cheques on behalf of the Freemasons’ Grand Charity

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