ISSUE 22, July 2007
Quarterly Communication: Speech of the Grand Master : Address of the Pro Grand Master : Report of the Board of General Purposes
Historic: Architect to a King
Young Masons: Value of a warm welcome
Faith and Freemasonry: The twin supports
Supreme Grand Chapter: Speech of the Pro 1st Grand Principal and Report of the Committee of General Purposes
The Grand Secretary: Notes
   Travel: In the footsteps of the pharaohs
Inventor: Voice of the people
Human Rights Court Judgement: Landmark victory for Masons
International Conference: Masonic history unveiled
The Grand Chancellor: Special overseas role
Specialist Lodge: Prior Rahere and his legacy
Public Service: Serving the famous
Education: Events : Importance of the cable tow
Lbrary & Museum: Fraternal art
Masonic Charities: RMTGB : Grand Charity : RMBI : NMSF
Letters, Book reviews, Gardening

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    Annual Dues and Grand Charity contributions
    A resolution regarding the annual dues for 2008 was approved, as was a resolution that a Lodge annual contribution to the Grand Charity should be raised to 13.

Prestonian Lectures
    W Bro G S Angell, Lecturer for 2006 with his paper The Victoria Cross, Freemasons, Band of Brothers, has stated that in addition to the five official deliveries, he also delivered it on 78 other occasions.
    The Lecturer for 2007 is RW Bro Dr R B F Khambatta, Past District Grand Master for Pakistan, with his paper The Grand Secretaries 1813-1980. The four official Lectures have been or will be given to Reading Lodge of Union No. 414 (Berkshire), Lodge Faith No. 2438 (Suffolk), North London Installed Masters Lodge No. 9784 (London) and the District Grand Lodge of Bombay and Northern India.
    W Bro R D T Sillett has been appointed Lecturer for 2008 with his paper The Language of the Ritual. Lodges wishing to be considered for one of these official Lectures should apply to the Grand Secretary via Metropolitan, Provincial or District Grand Secretaries. Applications will be considered by the Board in November.
    Application should only be made by Lodges prepared to afford facilities for all Freemasons in their area, as well as their own members, to ensure an attendance worthy of the occasion.

Information for the Guidance of members of the Craft
    In September 1974, the Board reported that it had reason to believe that some confusion existed in Lodges over the distribution of the booklet Information for the Guidance of Members of the Craft. The Report continued:
    The Board feels strongly that every member of the Craft should possess a copy of this booklet and has therefore reviewed its earlier recommendations in order to achieve this result.
    The Board now recommends that each newly made Mason should be given a copy of the booklet at the same time as he is presented with the Book of Constitutions and the By-Laws of his Lodge during the initiation ceremony. In addition, the Board reiterates its view that a copy should be presented to each newly installed Master.
    All succeeding editions of the booklet have included the above extract inside the front cover, together with a statement that it was adopted, and thereby became an edict binding on the Craft.
    It appears to the Board that the confusion still exists, and has reaffirmed its recommendation that each newly made Mason and each newly installed Master should be given a copy of the booklet at the same time as he is presented with the Book of Constitutions and the By-Laws of his Lodge during the ceremony of initiation and installation.

Wearing of Chains in Private Lodges
    A Notice of Motion for the next Quarterly Communication was proposed to alter the rules in the Book of Constitutions that a Metropolitan, Provincial or District Grand Master should be permitted to extend an invitation to another Metropolitan, Provincial or District Grand Master visiting a Lodge of his Province to wear his chain rather than a collar.
    The courtesy, however, is not to be extended to Deputy or Assistant Metropolitan, Provincial or District Grand Masters or Metropolitan Grand Inspectors.

Royal Arch collarettes
    The only Royal Arch collarettes permitted to be worn in the Craft are those from which the jewels of the present Grand Principals and present Grand Superintendents are suspended (and these are worn only with Craft regalia).
    In April 2007, Supreme Grand Chapter gave permission to those Past Deputy Grand Superintendents and Past Second and Third Provincial, District Grand Principals, and Metropolitan counterparts, who are Grand Officers to wear the jewels of their past ranks on collarettes within the area in which they held the office.
    The Committee of General Purposes requested that the new jewels and collarettes be permitted to be worn with Craft regalia within the area to which they relate.
    The Board concluded that it was not appropriate for any collarette denoting a past Royal Arch rank to be worn with Craft regalia, any more than those collarettes worn in the Craft by Past Deputy and Assistant Provincial or District Grand Masters, and their Metropolitan counterparts, are permitted to be worn with Royal Arch regalia. It recommended that their wearing be confined to the Royal Arch.

Warrants surrendered
    A resolution enabling eleven Lodges to surrender their Warrants in order to amalgamate with another Lodge was approved. A resolution also approved the closure of a further 15 Lodges. Two new Lodges were warranted from 26 April.

Grand Lodge Accounts 2006 and Auditors
    The audited accounts of Grand Lodge for the year ended 2006 were approved. Howarth Clark Whitehill LLP were reelected as auditors of Grand Lodge.

    Six members were expelled from the Craft on 4 May.

Royal Masonic Benevolent Institution
    A presentation was given to Grand Lodge by the Royal Masonic Benevolent Institution.

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