ISSUE 21, April 2007
Historic: Philanthropist and scientist: Sir Henry Wellcome
Travel: In Darwin's footsteps
Grand Secretary: Interview with Nigel Brown
Quarterly Communication: Speech by the Pro Grand Master and Report of the Board of General Purposes
Faith and Freemasonry: A Salvationist and the Craft
Young Mason: Keep up the tradition
Freemasons' Hall: Refurbishment
Ladies Groups: Cheshire Ladies Circle
   Library and Museum: Masonry and music - the role of the organ
Specialist Lodge: A new Lodge for showmen is consecrated
Serving the community: Two Masons win major rescue awards
Spain: How a Cleveland Mason found his Spanish roots
Wales: Welsh Mason lands national sporting award
Hospices: The Craft's historic links with hospices
Ancient Craft: Herefordshire's ancient boat builder
Education: Forthcoming events and Andrew Prescott and Own free will and accord and First Universities Scheme Initiate
Masonic Charities: Latest from the four main Masonic charities
Letters, Book reviews, Gardening

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Supporting people in need

60 Great Queen Street
London wc2b 5az
T: 020 7395 9261
Fax: 020 7395 9295
Web site:
Sharing the Charity’s work

Skill Force, a charity delivering educational programmes achieving outstanding reductions in the truancy rate amongst vulnerable 14–16 year-olds, is just one of the organisations featured in The Freemasons’ Grand Charity Review of 2006.
    The booklet, enclosed with this edition of MQ, highlights a selection of ways in which the Charity has spent over £4.6 million during 2006, supporting people in need.
    The Review is supported by three leaflets focusing on specific areas of the Charity’s work (Masonic grants, non-Masonic grants and Hospice Grants) and explains more about the activities of the organisation, funded by the generous donations of Freemasons and their families.
    During 2006, The Freemasons’ Grand Charity provided financial support in 1,775 cases where a Freemason or his dependant was experiencing hardship. Several hundred national charities also received funding towards their general costs or specific projects, including over 200 hospice services and charities supporting vulnerable people, youth opportunities and medical research.
    In addition to explaining the work of the Charity, The Review marks the introduction of a new logo for the Charity.
    Incorporating the working name of the organisation, the new design featuring an engraved ashlar, highlights how the values and beliefs of Freemasons are at the very heart of the work of the Charity.
    The new logo is set to feature on all of the Charity’s internal and external communications, including an updated website and it is hoped it will make a significant contribution to highlighting the support given to the wider community by Freemasons.
    Copies of the Annual Review and leaflets are available free of charge for distribution at meetings or events. Please contact The Freemasons’ Grand Charity on 020 7395 9261 or at
    All publications are also available to print at
London General Meeting

Freemasons’ Hall, Great Queen Street, London, WC2B 5AZ
Thursday, 28 June 2007 6pm–7.30pm
Refreshments will be served

You are invited to join us at Freemasons’ Hall on 28 June to learn more about the work of The Freemasons’ Grand Charity. The meeting will be chaired by the Deputy Grand President, the Most Hon the Marquess of Northampton.
    In addition to a series of short presentations about the work of the Charity, there will be a chance to meet members of the Council of the Grand Charity and representatives of some of the organisations it supports. The meeting is open to anyone who wishes to attend including Freemasons, guests and members of the public. For further information call 020 7395 9261.

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