ISSUE 21, April 2007
Historic: Philanthropist and scientist: Sir Henry Wellcome
Travel: In Darwin's footsteps
Grand Secretary: Interview with Nigel Brown
Quarterly Communication: Speech by the Pro Grand Master and Report of the Board of General Purposes
Faith and Freemasonry: A Salvationist and the Craft
Young Mason: Keep up the tradition
Freemasons' Hall: Refurbishment
Ladies Groups: Cheshire Ladies Circle
   Library and Museum: Masonry and music - the role of the organ
Specialist Lodge: A new Lodge for showmen is consecrated
Serving the community: Two Masons win major rescue awards
Spain: How a Cleveland Mason found his Spanish roots
Wales: Welsh Mason lands national sporting award
Hospices: The Craft's historic links with hospices
Ancient Craft: Herefordshire's ancient boat builder
Education: Forthcoming events and Andrew Prescott and Own free will and accord and First Universities Scheme Initiate
Masonic Charities: Latest from the four main Masonic charities
Letters, Book reviews, Gardening

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Cornerstone Society Summer Conference 2007

This conference will be held at the Berkshire Masonic Centre, Sindlesham, Wokingham, on Saturday, 2 June. Registration and coffee: 12.30 pm.
    Speakers: Julian Rees, Freemasonry Today deputy editor: The Way to the Centre; Mary Jo Kokochak, Past Grand Commander, American Federation of International Co-Freemasonry Le Droit Humain: Fraternally United In the Love of Humanity; W Kirk McNulty, Masonic author: The Secret Identity of Masons.
    Ritual workshop and discussion panel. Dinner afterwards at the Masonic Centre.
    Conference-only tickets £15 each, Conference and dinner, £39.50 each. Go to for application forms and full details.
    You can pay securely on-line or write to:
    The Secretary, The Cornerstone Society, ‘Bellfield’, 13 Victoria Road, Lytham St Annes, Lancashire, fy8 1le. Please enclose a sae. The conference is sponsored by Lewis Masonic.
    Email: for further information.

Library & Museum lunchtime talks

A series of illustrated talks at Freemasons’ Hall, Great Queen Street, on weekday lunchtimes during early 2007, commencing at 1.10pm. Entry is free and open to all.
    15 May: Emily Greenstreet: A man of science and a man of action: the professional and Masonic career of Sir Charles Warren. The Police Commissioner who failed to catch Jack the Ripper, Warren’s varied and often controversial career ranged from army officer to archaeologist. He was a keen Freemason.
    22 May: Martin Cherry: The Chevalier D’Eon: A Question of Identity. Charles D’Eon de Beaumont (1728-1810) led several lives. A diplomat and spy for Louis XV, soldier, swordsman, man of letters, Freemason and most famously, a transvestite. This talk investigates why the Chevalier had to spend the second half of his life as a woman and his connections with London Freemasonry.
    29 May: Alison Royle: Thomas Harper: Jeweller of Fleet Street, mason of London. Harper was a renowned jeweller of Georgian London and a Freemason in both the 18th century Grand Lodges.
    5 June: Jessica Silver: Hogarth: A Mason’s Progress. His life and work with special focus on his Masonic career and works of Masonic interest.
    12 June: Mark Dennis: Humanity and Good Humour, John 2nd Duke of Montagu. Conservationist, multi-culturalist, courtier, Freemason, practical joker and failed Imperial Governor of early 1700s England.
    19 June: Diane Clements: William Holland: Freemasonry and the Victorian Music Hall. The career of a major music hall proprietor, which included everything from a procession of 3,000 carthorses to Champagne Charlie.
    26 June: Andrew Tucker: The Life and Strange Times of Arthur Edward Waite: He was a noted Victorian occultist, Golden Dawn member, creator of the Rider-Waite Tarot deck and enthusiastic Freemason.
    Contact: Diane Clements 020 7395 9250. events.php

Freemasonry and family history

The Library and Museum of Freemasonry is hosting a free study day on 12 May 2007 at Freemasons’ Hall, Great Queen Street, London, as part of the Archives Awareness Campaign and Museums and Galleries Month.
    It will provide an introduction to available research resources, and guidance on sources for information on other Masonic Orders and non-Masonic organisations such as friendly and fraternal societies.
    Booking is essential. Further details:

Centre for Research into Freemasonry: University of Sheffield
Seminars 2007

Seminars are held at the Douglas Knoop Centre, 34 Gell Street, Sheffield s3 7qw at 1pm. Admission free.
    17 April: John Halstead, University of Sheffield: Godfrey Higgins: a Yorkshire Gentleman Radical.
    10 May: Andrew Pink, University College London: Moses Mendez, Masonry and Handel’s Lost Librettist: a detective story.
    23 May: Cecile Révauger, Université de Bordeaux III. Freemasonry in 19th century Trinidad: Spanish, French and British identities.
    6 June: John Wade, University of Sheffield: Further Explorations of the Roman Eagle Lodge, Edinburgh.

Canonbury Masonic Research Centre
Canonbury Tower, Canonbury Place, London.

Meetings held at: The Canonbury Academy, 6 Canonbury Place, London n1 2nq. Diary Dates (Spring–Summer 2007) Public Lectures: Wednesdays (7–9pm). Entry Fee: £7.
    18 April: Chiswick House – A Masonic Temple? Ricky Pound and Matthew Scanlan.
    23 May: Cosmic Consciousness. Colin Wilson
    20 June: The Development of Modern Martinism: Michael Buckley, Grand Master MOUP.
    Enquiries: Carole McGilvery 020 7226 6256 – email:
    Cheques payable to Canonbury Masonic Research Centre. Send to CMRC, c/o The Canonbury Academy, 6 Canonbury Place, London n1 2nq.

CMRC Ninth International Conference
(3–4 November 2007): Visions of Utopia: Masonic, Religious and Esoteric
Call for Papers

Papers should contain original, hitherto unpublished research, and be fully documented and illustrated and should consider the many aspects – historical, biographical, literary, artistic and speculative – of these visions of Utopia, to explore their sources and the variety of interactions between them, including the contribution of Freemasonry as a speculative system to the articulation of utopian visions and the involvement of individual Freemasons in utopian projects.
    Biographical and critical studies of personalities who have exercised a significant influence or contributed to utopian visions within or upon the Masonic community should be included, and the question of hierarchical versus nonhierarchical systems in relation to Masonic views of the ideal society.
    Deadline for papers is 30 April 2007.
    Synopsis: approximately 300 words.

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