ISSUE 21, April 2007
Historic: Philanthropist and scientist: Sir Henry Wellcome
Travel: In Darwin's footsteps
Grand Secretary: Interview with Nigel Brown
Quarterly Communication: Speech by the Pro Grand Master and Report of the Board of General Purposes
Faith and Freemasonry: A Salvationist and the Craft
Young Mason: Keep up the tradition
Freemasons' Hall: Refurbishment
Ladies Groups: Cheshire Ladies Circle
   Library and Museum: Masonry and music - the role of the organ
Specialist Lodge: A new Lodge for showmen is consecrated
Serving the community: Two Masons win major rescue awards
Spain: How a Cleveland Mason found his Spanish roots
Wales: Welsh Mason lands national sporting award
Hospices: The Craft's historic links with hospices
Ancient Craft: Herefordshire's ancient boat builder
Education: Forthcoming events and Andrew Prescott and Own free will and accord and First Universities Scheme Initiate
Masonic Charities: Latest from the four main Masonic charities
Letters, Book reviews, Gardening

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The Minutes of the Quarterly Communication of 13 December 2006 were confirmed.

Election of the Grand Master
    HRH The Duke of Kent was re-elected as Grand Master for the ensuing year with acclamation.

Commission for Appeals Courts
    The following Brethren have been elected by The Rulers’ Forum as Members of the Commission for Appeals Courts for the period 2007-2010:
    VW Bro R.J. Kay, QC, (Suffolk), W Bros L.N.P. Keen, (Gloucestershire), G.M. Silverman, (London), C.R. Berry, (London), E.D. Levy, (London), A.N.H. Leigh-Smith, (Middlesex). W Bro J.D.B. Martin No. 814 (Somerset) W Bro A. Bunting No. 8956 (Durham)

The Grand Chancellor In giving notice of motion at the Quarterly Communication in December 2006 to amend the Book of Constitutions to introduce the office of Grand Chancellor, the President of the Board recognised that an amendment would be necessary to specify a jewel for the new office. The design for the jewel, has the approval of the Pro Grand Master as well as that of the Board. An Amendment to this effect was approved.
    The Board has also given further consideration to the precedence of the Grand Chancellor, and now recommends that he should rank immediately after the Grand Secretary. An amendment to this effect was approved.

    The Metropolitan Grand Master for London has requested that no change should be made, at least for the time being, in the jewel to be worn by those who have served as Metropolitan Grand Officers. Accordingly the Board recommends that no amendment be made to Rule 248(b). An amendment to this effect was approved, as was a small amendment to Rule 6 to rectify an oversight in the original Notice of Motion.

    The Board has received reports that the following Lodges have resolved to surrender their Warrants:
    (a) Sandylands Lodge No. 5702 and Poulton Hall Lodge No. 6647 in order to amalgamate with Rowley Lodge No. 1051 (West Lancashire);
    (b) Manchester Lodge No. 2554 in order to amalgamate with St David’s Lodge No. 1147 (East Lancashire);
    (c) Talbot Lodge No. 2231, Great Stone Lodge No. 6737 and Westbourne Lodge No. 7257 in order to amalgamate with Urmston Lodge No. 1730 (West Lancashire);
    (d) Coppull Lodge No. 4232 in order to amalgamate with Leyland St Andrews Lodge No. 7391 (West Lancashire);
    (e) Round Table Lodge No. 8111 in order to amalgamate with Normoss Lodge No. 8741 (West Lancashire).
    A resolution that the Lodges be removed from the register in order to effect the respective amalgamations was approved.

Erasure of Lodges
    The Board has received a report that ten Lodges have closed and have surrendered their Warrants. The Lodges are:
    Faithful Lodge No. 473 (Warwickshire), Prince of Wales’ Lodge No. 1035 (West Lancashire); Skelmersdale Lodge No. 1380 (West Lancashire); Egremont Lodge No. 2872 (Cheshire), George Beech Lodge No. 2897 (Warwickshire), Brent Lodge No. 3292 (London), Corinthian Lodge No. 3805 (Cheshire), Lodge of Stability No. 4321 (West Lancashire), John Lyon Lodge No. 4987 (London), Chantry Lodge No. 6669 (Northumberland).
    Over recent years, the Lodges have found themselves no longer viable.
    A resolution that they be erased was approved.

List of new Lodges
    List of new Lodges for which Warrants have been granted by The MW The Grand Master, showing the date from which their Warrants became effective:
    13 December 2006: 9828 Sir Joseph Banks Daylight Lodge (Horncastle, Lincolnshire), 9829 Wilavestone Lodge (Wollaston, Northamptonshire & Huntingdonshire).
Amendments to the Book of Constitutions
    Amendments to the Book of Constitutions, Notice of Motion of which was given at the Quarterly Communication of 13 December 2006 (MQ, pages 23 and 25) were approved.

Expulsions from the Craft
    There were seven Brethren expelled from the Craft on 23 November 2006.

Quarterly Communication and Supreme Grand Chapter meetings:
    Quarterly Communication: 13 June 2007, 12 September 2007, 12 December 2007, 12 March 2008. Annual Investiture of Grand Officers: 25 April 2007.
    Supreme Grand Chapter: 26 April 2007, 14 November 2007, 1 May 2008.

Charges for Warrants
    In accordance with the provisions of Rule 270a, Book of Constitutions, the Board has considered the costs of preparing the actual documents specified in this Rule and recommends that for the year commencing 1 April 2007 the charges (exclusive of vat) shall be as follows:

Warrant for a new Lodge
Warrant of Confirmation
Warrant for a Centenary Jewel
Warrant of Confirmation for a Centenary Jewel
Warrant for a Bi-Centenary Bar
Warrant of Confirmation for a Bi-Centenary Bar
Certificate of Amalgamation
Enfacement (Alterations) Fee

Grand Lodge Register 1997–2006
    The tables below show the number of Lodges on the Register and of Certificates issued during the past ten years.

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