ISSUE 2, July 2002
Brothers in endurance: Sir Ernest Shackleton
Travel: Florida
Jack the Ripper: Exploring the Masonic link
Quarterly Communication: Annual Investiture address by the Grand Master and Report of the Board of General Purposes and Report of the Library and Museum Trust
Masonic News: Order of Service to Masonry; Grand Lodge deficit; Alvin Coburn pioneer photographer; Royal Masonic Variety Show
   Royal Arch News: Concern over falling exaltations
Charity News: Masonic relief grants launched; New RMBI video; Help is at hand through the NMSF; RMBI challenges and change; Update on RMBI projects; RMBI resident Jessie is Britain's oldest person; Grand Charity grant to National Asthma Campaign; TalentAid
Masonic Homes: Proud and independent
Library and Museum news: Recent library acquisitions
Book reviews

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Visit the loo at the Sarastro

I have eaten at the Sarastro restaurant in London's Drury Lane (reviewed in MQ's first issue), and agree with the comments in relation to the food and atmosphere. However, I think the contributor should have made some reference to the 'colourful' caricatures in both the ladies and gents toilets. I can think of one or two wives of Brethren in my own Lodge who would be shocked, to say the least. Most would find the cartoons amusing and, perhaps, thought provoking - I would not wish you to think that most of the members are prudes. On this occasion, however, I think the writer might have used a 'vapours' warning.
    In view of my comments, you might now want to go and inspect for yourself. I am assuming that, like me, you are not easily shocked!
    Ken Prosser, Kidderminster, Worcestershire

Spreading the good news

I write to congratulate you on the new MQ magazine. It is very much more entertaining than other available Masonic literature, and hopefully it will go down well with Masons and non-Masons alike.
    I am now retired, but I know it would have been an interesting addition to our dental waiting room during my days in practice. Richard K.
    Knightley-Smith Whitby, North Yorkshire

News that counts

Great start - we have a similar publication in Yorkshire West Riding, but MQ can spread a wider message. I suggest we list (under appropriate headings) all charity-giving, pound by pound. Perhaps start at first with just the large donations, especially to particularly wellknown causes, such as Great Ormond Street and Cancer Research, before moving on to the smaller items.
    Jim Biggin, Totley, Sheffield

I very much enjoyed the first edition of MQ magazine. The breadth of the subject matter covered was a surprise, and understanding the thinking behind this first publication, a pleasant bonus.
    This must be a good step forward in breaking the 'them and us' syndrome down. Although MQ is aimed primarily at 'us', it is clearly designed to interest 'them' as well. And we all should have but one aim in view.
    John Peterkin, Locks Heath, Southampton

When the post dropped on the doormat, along with numerous direct-mail pieces, assorted sales brochures and countless bills, to my delight I found my first edition of MQ magazine. After reading and digesting the material, I came to the conclusion that, along with the design and layout, it was worthy of our wonderful Fraternity. It is a credit to those who put it to bed, and I am already looking forward to the next edition. May I wish you every success? You can be sure I will show it to as many non-Masons as I can, and I will certainly leave it on a coffee table in the doctor's or dentist's waiting room, so that all and sundry will get the chance to read it.
    Brian Procter, South Woodham Ferrers, Chelmsford, Essex

Wind of change needs to reach the board

I was sad to see that the Board of General Purposes has not been touched by the welcome wind of change that is blowing through the Craft (MQ, Issue I, p.4l).
    The latest example is their views on discussions of protocol on the Internet. I can see no reason why such views should not be posed and discussed. The Board needs seriously to address the tone of their admonishments if they are not to alienate the membership particularly the younger members.
    Clive Grenyer, Jersey

Refreshing and informative.
    Peter Hancocks, Chesham, Bucks

The overall reaction to a careful perusal of the entire contents was one of consid erable approval of the range of interests covered, realising that all tastes of the considerable potential number of readers need to be catered for.
    The first item - the interview with the Grand Master - was very well done and I feel certain that members of the Craft will welcome His Royal Highness's comments and observations.
    Bruce Hogg, Middlesbrough

I would like to congratulate you and the team on a very good publication. One of the best items of unsolicited mail recently received.
    Roger Heffer, Bidiford, Devon

In April I received the first issue of MQ and my first impressions were very good. I think its publication is a marvellous idea. It has pride of place on my lounge coffee table, together with the National Geographic, Saga and other magazines. Here it is available for family and friends to peruse.
    The articles are well chosen and interesting and the photography is excellent.
    Norman Shenton, Eastbourne, Sussex

What a cracking magazine your first issue ofMQ. It was interesting reading, with a wide range of subjects. I look forward to the second edition. The date of the first issue being I April 2002 was a great day for me, as I celebrated by 60th birthday, so this edition was special in two ways.
    M T Sutton, Bromsgrove, Worcestershire

The Editor welcomes letters from readers but reserves the right to edit them. In each issue the writer of the star letter willwln a bottle of champagne - our congratulations to Mrs Carole Stanish for MQ's first star letter. Please send your letters to John Jackson, Editor, MQ Magazine, Freemasons' Hall, Great Queen Street, London WC2B 5AZ Email:

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