ISSUE 17, April 2006
Historic: The Brother who designed the Spitfire
Travel: The charm of Kerala
Grand Lodge: Pro Grand Master's speech and Quarterly Communication
Public Relations: Hottest spot in town
International: Emulation in Bulgaria and Mauritius takes a leap forward and Hungary's Royal Arch library
Library & Museum: Recent acquisitions
Masonic Bibles: Lodges and their Bibles
    Royal Masonic Girls' School: My thanks to the Freemasons
Holocaust: The Count of Auschwitz
Education: International conference on the history of Freemasonry and Events
Specialist Lodges: Masonry universal - via radio
Masonic Charities: Grand Charity continues to help those in need and New Masonic Samaritan Fund and Royal Masonic Benevolent Institution and Royal Masonic Trust for Girls and Boys
Grand Charity: The Tsunami - one year on and Important Gift Aid information
Letters, Book Reviews, and Gardening

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    Ahiman Rezon exhibition
To mark the 250th Anniversary of the publication of the first Book of Constitutions for the Antients Grand Lodge, the Library and Museum is putting on display its unique collection of editions of Ahiman Rezon.
    The display will examine the history and development of this important Masonic text, the masterpiece of Laurence Dermott, Grand Secretary of the Antients.
    The first edition drew heavily on the Books of Constitutions written for the Moderns Grand Lodge by James Anderson, but later editions contained more original material and were much more critical of the Moderns, so the book is also the story of the rivalry between the two.
    The exhibition will examine the sources for the book, its supporters, the importance of poetry and song, its publishing history and the legacy the book has left behind. Included in the display will be a number of first editions, the second edition of 1764, with the first official publication of the arms of the Antients Grand Lodge.
    There is a copy of the 4th edition with a fine Masonic binding that was used by the Grand Lodge itself, and a newly acquired copy of the 7th edition belonging to a military Lodge attached to the 4th Battalion of the Royal Artillery.
    The Library and Museum online catalogue lists all the editions of Ahiman Rezon held by the Library and Museum with further details. Also go to for further information.

Cornerstone Society
The Cornerstone Society’s 2006 Summer Conference will be held at Freemasons’ Hall, London on Saturday, 24 June with registration at 12.45pm. Speakers will include Trevor Stewart, 2004 Prestonian Lecturer with The Way Forward, David Sims (A Search for the Genuine Secrets?) and Kai Hughes (The Psychology of Freemasonry).
    There will be a ritual workshop and discussion Panel. Dinner is at the New Connaught Rooms (6pm). Conferenceonly tickets are £15 each and for the conference and dinner £39.50.
    Application forms and full details available on line at or from The Secretary, Cornerstone Society, ‘Bellfield’, 13 Victoria Road, Lytham St Annes, Lancashire fy8 1le. Please enclose a stamped addressed envelope.
    In addition, a lecture tour in November 2006 is planned, details to be announced, for Brent Morris, one of the world’s foremost Masonic scholars. He is Editor of the Scottish Rite Journal of Freemasonry, Southern Jurisdiction USA and author of several Masonic titles. This tour will combine with the Northern Conference.
    A programme of Cornerstone Society lectures for Lodges throughout the year is being put together. Interested Lodges should contact the secretary.
    Trials are in process at the moment of the Lodge Orator scheme in several Provinces in conjunction with Grand Lodge. As the trials progress, details will be published. Please check the website for developments.

Canonbury Masonic Research Centre
CMRC 8th International Conference
(4–5 November 2006)

The Knowledge of the Heart: Gnostic Movements and Secret Traditions:

Call for Papers
Contributions are invited from scholars of all disciplines, whether Freemasons or not. Papers should contain hitherto unpublished research, and may be wide-ranging as to the content, chronology, and treatment.
    Gnosticism, which was closely related to the Hermetic Tradition, arose within the Church in its identifiable forms in the second century, as a group of heterodox schools of thought that had originally developed within earlier pagan religious circles.
    The diverse forms of Gnosticism are characterised by their dualist beliefs, and by their reliance on revealed knowledge (gnosis) rather than on grace as the means of salvation.
    However, in the course of the last century, the term Gnosticism has been applied to the philosophy and spirituality of a far wider range of esoteric movements.
    It is anticipated that the range of papers presented at the conference will reflect this broader view.
    This conference will seek not only approaches to Gnosticism and related movements as an historical phenomenon, but also in its broader sense, as a continuing philosophical and religious influence on present day spiritual movements – including Freemasonry. Papers may also relate to the wider cultural influence, both real and assumed, of Gnosticism and related traditions.
    The deadline for suggestions for papers is 31 May 2006. Conference proposal should be accompanied by a synopsis of approximately 300 words, and a short biographical note on intending contributors.
    The proceedings of the conference will be published in the series Canonbury Papers. Conference enquiries should be directed to Carole McGilvery at the CMRC office.

Canonbury diary dates
Public lectures (Wednesdays, 7-9pm. Entry fee £7) are held at Canonbury Academy, 6 Canonbury Place, London n1 2nq.
April 19: The Spiritual Alchemy of the Golden Dawn (Charles “Chic” Cicero.
May 17: The Danish Masonic Order in the 1850s (Erik Westengaard).
June 21: The Tree of Life & the Holy Grail: An introduction to Rudolph Steiner’s Etheric Science (Sylvia Francke).
    To reserve a place please send a cheque for £7 made payable to Canonbury Masonic Research Centre.

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