ISSUE 17, April 2006
Historic: The Brother who designed the Spitfire
Travel: The charm of Kerala
Grand Lodge: Pro Grand Master's speech and Quarterly Communication
Public Relations: Hottest spot in town
International: Emulation in Bulgaria and Mauritius takes a leap forward and Hungary's Royal Arch library
Library & Museum: Recent acquisitions
Masonic Bibles: Lodges and their Bibles
    Royal Masonic Girls' School: My thanks to the Freemasons
Holocaust: The Count of Auschwitz
Education: International conference on the history of Freemasonry and Events
Specialist Lodges: Masonry universal - via radio
Masonic Charities: Grand Charity continues to help those in need and New Masonic Samaritan Fund and Royal Masonic Benevolent Institution and Royal Masonic Trust for Girls and Boys
Grand Charity: The Tsunami - one year on and Important Gift Aid information
Letters, Book Reviews, and Gardening

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“That Rules 275 to 275c be deleted and there be substituted the following:

‘275. (a) Eight Brethren eligible to attend Grand Lodge, being either Masters or Past Masters of Lodges in Metropolitan Areas or Provinces or of unattached Lodges in England and Wales, shall in December in each year be elected by the Rulers’ Forum, to serve for a term of three years from the next Annual Installation of the Grand Master, provided that at least five of the eight Brethren elected in each year shall be elected from among Brethren nominated from Lodges in Provinces. Nominations by members of any of the aforesaid Lodges who are eligible to attend Grand Lodge, containing the names of the several Brethren, the names and numbers of their Lodges and their Masonic rank, shall be delivered to the Grand Secretary on or before the last day in November.
(b) Not more than one member of any Lodge shall be eligible, as such, for nomination as a candidate for election to the Commission; but this shall not prevent a duly qualified Brother, being a subscribing member of another Lodge, from being nominated in respect of his membership of such other Lodge.
(c) If any elected member of the Commission die, resign, be removed from office, become a member of the panel or become ineligible by reason of Rule 274, the vacancy shall be filled by the election of a duly qualified Brother at the next meeting of the Rulers’ Forum to be held after the Grand Secretary receives notice that a vacancy has occurred.
(d) Elected members of the Commission shall be eligible for re-election after having served the term for which they were elected. 275A. Notwithstanding the provisions of Rule 275 those Brethren elected to the Commission for Appeals Courts prior to the coming into effect of that Rule and this under the previous provisions of Rules 275 and 275a shall serve for the unexpired portion of their elected term until 2007, 2008 and 2009 respectively, but any casual vacancy occurring hereafter shall be filled in accordance with the provisions of Rule 275 above.’ ”

“That with effect from 1 January 2007 Rule 280 be amended to read as follows:

‘280. The Panel for Clemency shall be constituted on each occasion as hereinafter mentioned. All questions shall be determined by a majority of votes, the presiding Brother in case of equality having a second or casting vote.
(a) The Assistant Grand Master (or, if he be not available, the Deputy Grand Master) shall preside.
(b) There shall be not less than three Metropolitan or Provincial Grand Masters chosen by the presiding Brother from a list of eight appointed annually by the Grand Master; the Metropolitan or Provincial Grand Masters so appointed may so long as they remain eligible be re-appointed as often as the Grand Master may see fit. The Grand Master may appoint an eligible Brother to fill any vacancy occurring by reason of death or resignation or disqualification.
(c) There shall be not less than three members chosen by the presiding Brother from a list of eight which shall comprise the President and Deputy President of the Board of General Purposes and six other members (not being Metropolitan or Provincial Grand Masters or Grand Superintendents) of the Rulers’ Forum Groups elected annually by the Rulers’ Forum.’”

Brethren under 25
In introducing the Board’s Report in Grand Lodge in December 2005 the President stated that the Board was most anxious to encourage the recruitment of young members and that he expected to give notice of motion at the next Quarterly Communication to amend the Book of Constitutions to allow for a lower rate of dues and registration fees in respect of Brethren under the age of 25 for any part of the Lodge subscription year.

Notice of Motion to amend the Book of Constitutions at the next Quarterly Communication was tabled as follows:

“That a new Rule 270B be inserted as follows:

‘270B. (a) The dues payable to the Fund of General Purposes under Rule 269 shall be reduced by 50 per cent in respect of any Brother initiated in the Lodge who was at any time during the relevant year under the age of twenty-five and his subscription to the Lodge shall be reduced accordingly, but such reduction shall be disregarded in determining for the purposes of Rule 145 whether all the members of the Lodge entitled to the same privileges pay the same subscription.
(b) The fees payable under Rule 270 shall be reduced by 50 per cent in respect of any Brother under the age of twenty-five.’” The Board also wishes to reiterate its intention to waive 50% of the annual dues and registration fee payable during 2006 in respect of such Brethren until the proposed amendment to the Book of Constitutions can come into effect.

Grand Lodge Register 1996–2005
The tables below show the number of Lodges on the Register and of Certificates issued during the past ten years:

Charges for Warrants
In accordance with the provisions of Rule 270A, Book of Constitutions, the Board has considered the costs of preparing the actual documents specified in this Rule and recommends that for the year commencing 1 April 2006 the charges (exclusive of vat) shall be as follows:

255.00 (a) Warrant for a new Lodge
620.00 (b) Warrant of Confirmation
360.00 (c) Warrant for a Centenary Jewel
515.00 (d) Warrant of Confirmation for a Centenary Jewel
545.00 (e) Warrant for a Bi-Centenary Bar
545.00 (f) Warrant of Confirmation for a Bi-Centenary Bar
60.00 (g) Certificate of Amalgamation
80.00 (h) Enfacement (Alterations) Fee

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