ISSUE 16, January 2006
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Grand Lodge: Pro Grand Master's speech and Quarterly Communication
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Royal Masonic Girls' School: Stories in windows
Specialist Lodges: Brotherhood of the Angle
    Napoleonic Wars: A Mason's Word
International: Macedonia: New Grand Lodge consecrated and Enthusiasm unbound
Grand Lodge: Development of Freemasons' Hall
Masonic Rebels: Rise and fall
Bristol Museum: A Phoenix from the Ashes
Freemasonry and Religion: United in diversity
Library and Museum: Most glorious of them all
First Aid: Masons learn to shock
Education: The Third Degree and Forthcoming events
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    Supporting those in medical need

The New Masonic Samaritan Fund continues to provide support for those in medical need by helping them to receive treatment and/or assistance for a wide variety of medical conditions. Their needs may vary, but their appreciation is always genuine and heartfelt.
    In constant pain, and with more than six months to wait for the NHS, Mrs Brenda Williams was finding it increasingly difficult to cope with life in her first floor apartment with no lift. Following a successful knee replacement, paid for by the NMSF she is now out and about. “I have now returned from visiting my friend in Scotland. I walked every day, without the aid of my walking stick, for the most part. You will see how delighted I am that I am now able to do this after years of pain.”

Mark gets his exercise

Despite only being 17 years old Mark Hartley’s needs are very real. Mark has cerebral palsy, is tetraplegic and totally blind. His father applied to the NMSF for help to pay for an exercise machine in the hope that Mark would be able to retain flexibility within his muscles and reduce the amount of muscle wastage.
    The “Ex N’Flex” machine was delivered to his house within days of financial approval being given by the Fund. The photograph shows Mark putting the exercise machine through its paces.
    All applications to the Fund are treated according to their individual merit and previous grants are not taken into account.
    There is no limit to the number of times an individual, who remains in genuine need, can apply for support.
    At the time of writing Tony Jolly is preparing to have a knee replacement, funded by the NMSF, having had a hip replacement earlier in the year. Before being admitted for his second surgery he wrote saying “The thought that, hopefully, I will be walking again before Christmas, after years of impairment, is very exciting. I cannot thank the Fund enough for foreshortening, by very many months (2 lots of over 6 months each!), a time which would have been overshadowed with pain.”
    The photograph shows Tony Jolly celebrating after his first operation and we wish him a speedy recovery from his knee surgery. If you would like to know more about the support that is available from the Fund please telephone on 020 7404 1550 or visit the website at
    The Fund is happy to provide material in support of talks at your meetings or is happy to arrange for speakers to attend and deliver the message on your behalf. For further details, simply ask.

Brenda Williams puts her new knee to the test

Mark Hartley puts the Ex N Flex through its paces

Tony Jolly celebrates after his successful knee surgery

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