ISSUE 15, October 2005
Historic: Nelson and Freemasonry
Grand Lodge: Pro Grand Master's Speech
Grand Lodge: Quarterly Communication
Hurricane Katrina: Grand Charity Relief Chest
Royal Arch: John Knight
Masonic Embroidery: A stitch in time...
Travel: Walzing along the Danube
Specialist Lodges: Martial arts
Library & Museum: The two Freemasons' Halls
    Anniversary: Jersey's Liberation
Anniversary: Dorset's 225 years
Obituaries: Lord Swansea OSM
Pro Grand Master: Whither directing our course?
Charmian Hussey: A Mason's wife on Masonry
International: The Grand Lodge of Israel
Education: Sheffield's big plans
Education: Forthcoming events
Education: The Second Degree
Masonic Charities
Letters, Book Reviews, Gardening

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In this issue of MQ you will find inserted a copy of RMBI News which has even more informative and entertaining articles about your care home provider. Please enjoy reading it and get in touch if we can be of service.

The RMBI has a new Freephone number
    New Information Line

The RMBI has a new Freephone number to help improve access to care information and the activities of the RMBI. The new number is part of the constant efforts by the RMBI to provide the best service to the Masonic community in a simple way.
     More general leaflets on a range of subjects affecting older people are also available for free. The new number for the RMBIís Information Line is: 0800 068 7624 Our original Information Line, launched in March 2003, was in partnership with Age Concern and was for a trial period which has now come to an end. The RMBI has now set up the service on its own.
     Our team at Great Queen Street will field the calls and will provide information about the RMBI, its Homes and how we can help you. As mentioned above, we can also send you information leaflets, published by Help the Aged, on a range of subjects including, but not limited to:
     Community Care finding help at home, NHS care, direct payments from Social Services Consumer Issues television licenses, making a will, planning a funeral Health Issues dental care, help with continence, staying healthy in later life Housing help with heating, noise and neighbour nuisance
     Income & Benefits income tax, housing benefit, the state pension Leisure, Learning and Work holidays for older people, leisure and learning, older workers.
     The Freephone number is for the express use of those interested in the RMBIís services. For general enquiries, donations or Lodge business please continue to call the main office number Ė 020 7596 2400.

Respite Care: NMSF and RMBI working together

The RMBI provides many services in addition to residential accommodation at our Homes, and one of these is temporary stays for respite or convalescence.
     This has previously only been available for self-funding applicants or those in receipt of local authority funding. Because it is often difficult to get local authorities to fund respite care, the New Masonic Samaritan Fund (NMSF) has initiated a trial programme in conjunction with the RMBI.
     People in need of respite care, who are unable to gain local authority support and who cannot afford to meet the cost themselves, will be able to apply for help from the NMSF. If you or someone you know would benefit from this service, they should call the RMBI to discuss an appropriate location. There will be an assessment by the RMBI to ensure that the chosen Home has the correct facilities to meet the individualís needs.
     At the same time there will need to be financial assessment in order to determine eligibility for support from the NMSF. Please note that owing to the high demand for respite care for people suffering from dementia, accommodation may not always be immediately available.
     It is the intention that once a respite need has been registered, subsequent stays will be offered according to need and the availability of suitable accommodation. If you have specific questions about support from the NMSF, please contact them direct on 020 7404 1550.

Respite care is available for temporary stays

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