ISSUE 15, October 2005
Historic: Nelson and Freemasonry
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Hurricane Katrina: Grand Charity Relief Chest
Royal Arch: John Knight
Masonic Embroidery: A stitch in time...
Travel: Walzing along the Danube
Specialist Lodges: Martial arts
Library & Museum: The two Freemasons' Halls
    Anniversary: Jersey's Liberation
Anniversary: Dorset's 225 years
Obituaries: Lord Swansea OSM
Pro Grand Master: Whither directing our course?
Charmian Hussey: A Mason's wife on Masonry
International: The Grand Lodge of Israel
Education: Sheffield's big plans
Education: Forthcoming events
Education: The Second Degree
Masonic Charities
Letters, Book Reviews, Gardening

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Victorian parade

I read the April issue of MQ with great interest, particularly the article by Professor Andrew Prescott on researching Freemasonry on the internet.
     He illustrated a photograph obtained from the internet of the parade of Freemasons of Welshpool Lodge No. 998 on the occasion of Queen Victoria’s Diamond Jubilee Parade in Welshpool in 1897.
     On that occasion, the Volume of the Sacred Law and the working tools were carried on a trestle or platform by four Lewises, two of whom later became members of Welshpool Lodge – Brothers S.A. Stanley and O G Davies. W. Bro. O Gilbert Davies was to become Provincial Grand Registrar of North Wales, and later a PAGDC in the Grand Lodge of England.
     These Brothers presented a large framed enlargement of the photograph published in MQ. to the Lodge, and this is displayed in the Lodge together with the trestle carried by the Lewises on that occasion.
     R.W. Mander, Welshpool

Masonic hall marriage

On Saturday 25 June 2005, the Masonic Hall at Rugby was the venue for the marriage of Andrew Clarke and Rachel Hughes, the first time that a wedding ceremony had taken place there since the premises became licensed for the purpose by the local authority. The happy couple and their families and friends also enjoyed the wedding reception at the Hall.
     Rodney Pitham, Information Officer, Provincial Grand Lodge of Warwickshire

Flanders memories

In MQ, Issue No 13, my attention was drawn to a letter from Bros. Bulloch and Paterson regarding an intended tour of the Flanders region, visiting the 1914-1918 battlefields and British war cemeteries. I was fortunate to join them with a number of other brethren.
     It was a most memorable experience, the days being spent in reverent remembrance visiting British and German war cemeteries and places of notable actions. Every request to visit a particular cemetery or place of action was done.
     The knowledge of Bros Bulloch and Paterson, and their imparting of it, was superb, proving how well they knew their subject. The highlights were the Last Post ceremony at the Menin Gate and the short service of remembrance held on the Sunday in a lonely cemetery, with the pipe music of Bro Paterson in the background.
     The comradeship engendered by the brethren, as diverse as the 91-year-old brother from the Hebrides and the retired Lt.-Col., late Coldstream Guards, made the evening reminiscent of a good regimental or RAF mess.
     Thank you again, Bros Bullock and Paterson, and MQ for drawing my attention to the event.
     H G Hulme, Glossop, Derbyshire

Sale of painting

Further to the information contained in MQ, Issue No. 14 on the subject of the non- Masonic painting sold for £2.6 million, might the Craft be informed of the title and artist.
     It would also be useful to have some idea of how the Craft came to own it, perhaps a reproduction of the picture so that we can see what we are missing, and a further exposition why we cannot use the proceeds of the sale to fend off a potentially severe financial crisis in the funding of our Headquarters.
     R C Blakemore, Huntley, Gloucestershire

Ballots misunderstanding

Further to the letter from Brian Dobson (MQ, Issue No. 14) on the taking of conjoint ballots. When I became a Lodge secretary I bought a very good book called The Lodge Secretary by Charles J. Carter (Lewis Masonic) and have used this on many occasions to qualify situations that have arisen.
     In this excellent volume there is a section on ballots including a ‘quick reference’ entitled “Ballots for Initiates, Joining and Honorary Members.”
     There is a frequently considerable misunderstanding on the taking of a conjoint ballot, i.e., holding two or three ballots at the same time. The following explanation may assist those who are unsure of the correct procedure to adopt.
     Grand Lodge recognises ONLY candidates – not, as you might perhaps imagine, candidates for Initiation, Joining and Honorary Membership. It is therefore quite in order to for a ballot covering any variation of the above mentioned groupings to be carried out in one ballot. Should there prove to be a negative vote then it is mandatory for individual ballots to be undertaken.
     I have used this approach myself when we had two Initiates and a Joining member.
     James J. Hipperson, Tatsfield, Surrey

Motorcyle Lodge finds its Mark

As one of the Founders of the Lodge of Chevaliers de Fer (The first Motorcyclist Lodge (Hampshire and IoW), I was very interested to read the article (MQ, Issue No. 14) on the Graham Milton Lodge.
     We have already established links, enabling us to enjoy our common interests of Freemasonry and motorcycling. Both Lodges have enjoyed unrivalled success and support and because of this, we have decided to form a Mark Master Masons Lodge, based on the same specialist interest.
     We have a number of Mark Masons who have expressed an interest in becoming Founders and five Candidates wishing to be Advanced following Consecration.
     Members of both Chevaliers de Fer and Graham Milton Lodge will be Founders, in addition to other motorcycling Brethren in different parts of the country.
     The support of the Province of Leicester and Rutland has been invaluable and this will be our sponsor Province. To date, we have circulated information to the UK Masons List, Chevaliers de Fer and Graham Milton Lodge but we are very conscious that there may be others who have not heard of our proposal.
     If any reader has an interest in the Mark Degree and in motorcycling in any form, I would be pleased to hear from them, as it looks like I’ve been volunteered as Founding Secretary!
     John R Morris, The Firs, Bramhall Lane South, Bramhall, Stockport, Cheshire SK7 3AA. T: 0161 440 7776/07774 957342. Email:

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