ISSUE 14, July 2005

The King and the Craft
Quarterly Communication: Speech of the Grand Master and Speech of the Pro Grand Master and Report of the Board of General Purposes Supreme Grand Chapter: Speech of the Pro First Grand Principle and Report of the Committee of General Purposes Grand Lodge dues: Message from the President of the Board of General Purposes
    Masonic Housing: Major changes Finance: Choosing an investment manager Travel: Tantalising Tunisia Goose and Gridiron: Historic Masonic unveiling Extravaganza: Hollywood comes to Grand Lodge Masonic Events: Day of Fun and Medical, University and Legal Lodges' Festival Education: Sheffield Masonic Library and Forthcoming events and The Entered Apprentice Specialist Lodges: Revving up to success and where eagles dare International: The horror of Phuket and Grand Charity team visit disaster area Library and Museum: Fraternal societies Masonic Charities: NMSF and RMBI and RMTGB and Grand Charity
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Board of General Purposes

On the retirement of RW Bro Sir John Welch, Bt, PSGW, the Board has lost the services of one of its most experienced members, who first joined the Board in 1979, when he served for a year ex officio as Grand Treasurer.
    Bro Welch rejoined the Board in 1985 when he became President of the Grand Charity, and has therefore 20 years’ unbroken service, covering the time both before and after the Board took its present form.
    Since 1997 he has served with great distinction as Chairman of the Board’s External Relations Committee. The Board is most grateful to him not only for his long service, but also for the benefit of his wise counsel and extensive Masonic experience.

Prestonian Lectures

2004: English Speculative Freemasonry: origins, themes and developments. The Lecturer, W Bro A. T. Stewart, has informed the Board that in addition to the three official deliveries to Tudor Lodge No. 1792 (Warwickshire), Quatuor Coronati Lodge No. 2076 (London) and Lodge of Light No. 7218 (Sussex).
    The Lecture was also delivered on 45 other occasions throughout the Constitution. The Board desires to express its thanks to Bro Stewart for the considerable time and effort he has spent in this connection.

2005: Women and Freemasonry. The Prestonian Lecturer for 2005 is W Bro G. W. S. Davie, PSGD. Three official Prestonian Lectures for 2005 have been or will be given under the auspices of Connaught Army and Navy Lodge No. 4323 (London), West Kent Installed Masters’ Lodge No. 5778 (West Kent) and Ancient and Loyal Lodge of Installed Masters No. 9762 (West Lancashire).

2006: The Board has submitted a nomination to the Trustees of the Prestonian Fund, and they have appointed W Bro G. S. Angell as Prestonian Lecturer for 2006. The title of his Lecture will be The Victoria Cross – Freemasons’ Band of Brothers.
    Arrangements for the delivery of the Lectures to selected Lodges will be considered by the Board in November and applications are now invited from Lodges. Applications should be made to the Grand Secretary, through Metropolitan, Provincial or District Grand Secretaries.
    The Board desires to emphasise the importance of these, the only Lectures held under the authority of Grand Lodge. It is, therefore, hoped that applications for the privilege of having one of these official Lectures will be made only by Lodges which are prepared to afford facilities for all Freemasons in their area, as well as their own members, to participate and thus ensure an attendance worthy of the occasion.


The Board has received reports that the following Lodges have resolved to surrender their Warrants: Corinthian Lodge No. 3767, in order to amalgamate with St John’s Lodge No. 221 (East Lancashire); Marsden Lodge No. 3978, in order to amalgamate with Pennine Valley Lodge No. 6183 (East Lancashire); Priory Lodge No. 6027, in order to amalgamate with Ribbleton Lodge No. 6386 (West Lancashire); Cestr Lodge No. 6970, in order to amalgamate with Leasowe Lodge No. 3761 (Cheshire); Heriots Wood Lodge No. 7765, in order to amalgamate with Windmill Hill Lodge No. 5843 (Middlesex); Badge of Innocence Lodge No. 8975, in order to amalgamate with Lodge of Mutual Defence No. 6711 (Surrey).
    The Board’s recommendation that the Lodges be removed from the register in order to effect the respective amalgamations was approved.

Erasure of Lodges

The Board has received a report that ten Lodges have closed and have surrendered their Warrants. The Lodges are: Williamson Lodge No. 949 (Durham); Nottinghamshire Lodge No. 1434 (Nottinghamshire); Cycling and Athletic Lodge No. 2335 (West Lancashire); Rufford Lodge No. 2553 (Nottinghamshire); Britannia Lodge No. 4768 (West Lancashire); Cambrensis Lodge No. 5523 (North Wales); Eastbury Manor Lodge No. 6038 (Essex); Carlton Lodge No. 6685 (Nottinghamshire); Karoi Lodge No. 8193 (Zimbabwe) and Worton Lodge No. 8225 (Middlesex).
    Over recent years, the Lodges have found themselves no longer viable.
    The Board is satisfied that further efforts to save them would be to no avail and therefore has no alternative but to recommend that they be erased.
    Resolution approved.

Grand Charity contributions

The Board’s attention has been drawn to a recent suggestion that it would be permissible for Lodges to use Lodge charitable funds to make the contribution payable each year by Lodges to the Grand Charity under the provisions of Rule 271, Book of Constitutions. The obligation to pay the contributions is that of the Lodge and not of its members, and the Board considers that the payment should come out of the Lodge’s general funds and not out of its charitable moneys, whether the latter are raised solely from its members or from charity collections to which non-members may have contributed. It accordingly recommends that all Lodges pay the contribution from their general funds.

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