ISSUE 12, January 2005

Kitchener of Khartoum: Mason extraordinary
Travel: Where east meets west
Veteran Honoured: Old soldier remembered
Royal Masonic Family: The Six Masonic Sons of George III, Part 1
Supreme Grand Chapter: Speech of the Pro First Grand Principal and, Report of the Committee of General Purposes
  Quarterly Communication: Address of the Pro Grand Master and, Report of the Board of General Purposes
Metropolitan Grand Lodge of London: London's first consecration
Soccer: Man in the Middle
Wales: Joseph Parry - flawed genius?
Library & Museum: Donations gather pace
Education: Dates for your diary and, Planning a 'white table' and, Looking to the future and, Time marches on
Grand Charity: General meeting and non-Masonic grant list
Masonic Charities: Reports from the four main charities
Letters, Book reviews, Gardening

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(ii) Regulation 44 be amended to read:
     `44. The following is the form of petition for a Charter to hold a new Chapter:
     `To the Supreme Grand Chapter
of Royal Arch Masons of England:
WE, the undersigned, being regularly registered Royal Arch Masons of the Chapters mentioned against our respective names, having the prosperity of Royal Arch Masonry at heart, are anxious to exert our best endeavours to promote and diffuse the genuine principles of the art; and are desirous of forming a new Chapter [to be attached to the ... (Lodge No.) ... meeting at ... ]¹
     In consequence of this desire, we pray for a Charter of Constitution empowering us to form and hold a regular Royal Arch Chapter, to be named the " ... Chapter," to meet at ... on the ... in the months of ... and there to discharge the duties of Royal Arch Masonry in a constitutional manner, according to the forms of the Order and the laws of the Supreme Grand Chapter; and we have nominated and do recommend: Comp.(AB) ( ² of Chapter No. ) to be the First Principal; Comp.(CD) ( ² of Chapter No. ) to be the Second Principal; and Comp.(EF) ( ² of Chapter No. ) to be the Third Principal. Should the prayer of this petition be granted, we promise strict obedience to the commands of the First Grand Principal and the regulations of the Supreme Grand Chapter.'
To this petition must be added the names of the petitioners and such particulars as are required by the form currently approved by the Committee of General Purposes which may be obtained on application to the Grand Scribe E or to the Metropolitan, Provincial or District Grand Scribe E.
¹ These words to be omitted if the proposed Chapter is recommended by another Chapter.
² Insert as appropriate "First Principal", "Past First Principal", "Second Principal", "Past Second Principal", "Third Principal", "Past Third Principal" or "Past Principal Sojourner" "

(iii) Regulation 45 be amended to read:
     `45. Save when the petition for its Charter shall have been recommended by a Chapter, every Chapter shall, except as provided elsewhere in this Regulation, be attached to a regular Lodge, and the rank or precedence of the several Chapters shall be determined according to the number they respectively bear on the register of the Grand Chapter.
     If the Lodge to which a Chapter is attached is erased the Chapter may be transferred to another Lodge at the request of the members of the Chapter and with the approval of such other Lodge, but shall otherwise retain its existing name and number.
     A Chapter may at the request of its own members and with the approval of the Lodges concerned be transferred from one Lodge to another. In the case of a Chapter not included in a Metropolitan Area, Province or District such request for transfer must be sent to the Grand Scribe E for submission to Grand Chapter.
     In the case of a Chapter in a Metropolitan Area, Province or District the request must be sent through the Metropolitan Grand Superintendent or Grand Superintendent.
     The approval of Grand Chapter must be received before the transfer becomes effective and any Chapter thus transferred shall take the number and, unless the First Grand Principal shall decide otherwise, the name of the Lodge to which it is transferred. Not more than one Chapter may be attached to any one Lodge at the same time.'

(iv) Regulation 49 be amended to read:
     `49. No Companion shall be eligible for election to the Third Principal's Chair unless he has served the office of Principal Sojourner of a private Chapter either for a full year or from the regular period of election or appointment to such office to the period of election as Principal, provided that the First Grand Principal may grant dispensation from compliance with this Regulation on receipt of a petition setting forth the circumstances of the case and the special reasons for seeking his intervention.'

(B) Changes to the General Practice of the Royal Arch:
     `(a) That all references to the Royal Arch being the completion of the Master Mason's degree be removed from the ritual;
     (b) that the traditional dates attributed to the three Original Grand Lodges be removed from the Historical Lecture; and
     (c) that Chapters be permitted to use the additions and variations to the ritual of the Royal Arch and the Lectures of the Three Chairs set out in the Annex to the paper of business.' "
     There was a speaker for and against (B)(a) and a vote to approve AmendmentsA (i-iii) and (B) (a-c) was passed by a large majority.
     A separate vote was taken on item(A)(iv). There was one speaker for and none against. The amendment was passed by a large majority.

Notice of Motion
Amendment to the Royal Arch Regulations for the next Regular Convocation of the Grand Chapter by the President of the Committee of General Purposes:
"That Regulation 48 be amended by deleting the third paragraph and substituting the following:
     `The Officers shall be elected by ballot on the regular day of election prescribed by the By-Laws of the Chapter, provided that, except for the Principals and Treasurer who must be elected, it shall be in order for the Chapter on the day of election to resolve that they may be appointed by the Principals so elected.
     Notwithstanding the foregoing, if the Principals shall be of the opinion that in the case of any Officer who falls to be elected by ballot in accordance with this Regulation there is only one Companion who is likely to be a candidate for election to the Office, they may direct that the summons for the Convocation at which the election to take place shall state that such is their opinion (together with the name of the Companion concerned), and that unless any member of the Chapter demands that a ballot be taken for the Office, the named candidate will be declared elected; when the election of Officers takes place any candidate so named on the summons shall be declared elected unless a ballot be demanded for that Officer.
     The installation of the Principals, if present, shall take place in accordance with the By-Laws of the Chapter and shall be followed by the investiture of the Officers. Any Principal not so installed shall be installed at the next Convocation of the Chapter at which he may be present or as provided by Regulation 53.'"

Future Convocations of Supreme Grand Chapter will be held on Thursday, 28 April 2005; Wednesday, 9 November 2005; Thursday, 27 April 2006.

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