ISSUE 11, October 2004
Elias Ashmole: Masonic Icon
Travel: The magical beauty of Scotland
Honoured: By the Glovers' livery company
The Theatre: Strong links between Craft and stage
Quarterly Communication: Address of the Pro Grand Master and, Report of the Board of General Purposes
Mauritius: Fascinating Masonic history
Rochester Cathedral: Kent Masons' magnificent fresco
Clerkenwell: 25 years of Masonry
  Bravery award: One Mason's heroism is honoured
Christmas shopping: What to buy in London's West End
High flight: Helping terminally ill children
Jewels of the Craft: An essential part of Masonry
Library & Museum: John Pine exhibition and Library & Museum Trust report
Masonic education: Events for Masons; Quatuor Coronati Lodge; Mentors for new Masons
Charities: Masons provide emergency aid for flood victims; Charity news; Demelza gives voice
Letters, Book reviews, Gardening

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gives voice


Demelza is a young singer studying at the Guildhall School of Music and Drama and is becoming well known throughout Freemasonry as she is a beneficiary of the Royal Masonic Trust for Girls and Boys (RMTGB).
    She supported the Trust at the launch of the 2006 Festival, which is being supported by the Province of Yorkshire North and East Ridings.
    Demelza has been appearing at Ladies’ Nights, family dinners and Christmas concerts at various Lodges for over ten years. She has even been invited to entertain Masons in Munster, Germany at the zu den drei Balkan Lodge. Subsequently she entertained Dutch visitors to Mitre Lodge, York.
    Her love of performing was well nurtured by her late grandfather, W. Bro. Chris Stafford, who proudly presented the nervous youngster for the first time to his own Lodge of St. Germain, Selby at their Christmas dinner.
    This was her first taste of singing in the Temple, and she has grown and matured both vocally and personally under the watchful eye of her Masonic connections. Demelza’s mother, Elizabeth, instilled in Demelza and her brother Ben, a strong sense of determination as she displayed her ability to work as hard as possible to support the two of them as a single mother.
    She had overcome a youth plagued by hospitalisation for a broken back, and despite being told she would never walk, held down a number of demanding jobs in order to support her children.
    Being brought up around such courage and strength, Demelza learnt that she could achieve anything she wanted to if she was prepared to work hard enough.
    In 1997 the Stafford family’s luck dramatically changed. Demelza’s mother suffered a bad fall which reignited the horrific back injury and left her unable to walk. This led to Elizabeth’s independence being shattered and the children’s grandfather stepped in to help, but tragically, only months later, Chris Stafford was diagnosed with cancer and died within weeks.
    At this time, the MTGB took the two children under their wing to allow them to continue with their education and to support them in their quest to achieve their goals.
    Thanks to their continued support, Demelza has been able to complete her A-Levels, a business course to support her in her future career and also to gain a place in one of the world’s top vocal conservatoires. Her performance successes have been many and very varied, from touring the UK as a solo act with a variety show to performing as a soloist in the London Palladium, entertaining at the BBC Sports Awards and singing for the wedding of a BBC producer and her Presenter husband.
    This year she performed her first major role in an opera, Mother, in Humperdink’s Hansel and Gretel. Demelza hopes to produce her second CD and is to perform at the Christmas concert in the Grand Temple on 10 December.
    Her future involves one more year completing the undergraduate Batchelor of Music and then two years of postgraduate training before attempting to gain a place on an opera course for two years, and then hopefully obtaining a position on a training scheme at an opera house.
    Meantime, during vacations, she works part-time in and around her home village in order to contribute to her upkeep.

Demelza is available for events and can be contacted on 07811 466 550.