ISSUE 11, October 2004
Elias Ashmole: Masonic Icon
Travel: The magical beauty of Scotland
Honoured: By the Glovers' livery company
The Theatre: Strong links between Craft and stage
Quarterly Communication: Address of the Pro Grand Master and, Report of the Board of General Purposes
Mauritius: Fascinating Masonic history
Rochester Cathedral: Kent Masons' magnificent fresco
Clerkenwell: 25 years of Masonry
  Bravery award: One Mason's heroism is honoured
Christmas shopping: What to buy in London's West End
High flight: Helping terminally ill children
Jewels of the Craft: An essential part of Masonry
Library & Museum: John Pine exhibition and Library & Museum Trust report
Masonic education: Events for Masons; Quatuor Coronati Lodge; Mentors for new Masons
Charities: Masons provide emergency aid for flood victims; Charity news; Demelza gives voice
Letters, Book reviews, Gardening

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   Goss Masonic china
With my surname, it may be unsurprising to find that I have a collection of Goss china (Letters, MQ Issue No. 10). Apart from a large collection of Goss-crested china with Channel Islands crests, I also have a collection of the Goss ladies and Goss cottages. I also have a Masonic item. It is a model of a Devon oak pitcher with the UGLE crest on it.

Colin R Goss, St Brelade, Jersey

Richard Eve Chapter
The article on Richard Eve (MQ Issue No. 9) was read with great interest by the Companions of our Chapter, if with slight disappointment at the lack of any mention of it.
    However, this is understandable since we were not founded until 1918, after Richard Eve’s death, and so, unlike our sister Lodge, we have no direct connection with him. Our recently retired Janitor, George Vincent, has studied his life and spoken to us about it, so the article didn’t contain surprises.
    In the 84 years of our activity we have acquired remarkably little history, but at our latest Convocation in May 2004, we achieved an unusual record: the celebration of 50 years’ continuous membership of Sir Lawrence Verney since his Exaltation in May 1954.
    Comp Verney served for many years as an officer of the Chapter, and has gone on to high office in Freemasonry as well as in the legal profession. He was presented with his 50-year certificate by the Metropolitan Deputy Grand Superintendent, E Comp Russell Race, who commented that it was a much rarer event for a Royal Arch Companion to achieve 50 years’ membership than for Craft Brethren.
    The Chapter also has a tradition of family connections. We are particularly proud that one family has had an almost continuous presence in the Chapter. E Comp Charles Elgood was present as a guest at the Consecration. For some reason he did not join until our sixth year, but then was followed by his son Vivian. Between them, they served as Scribe N for 35 consecutive years.
    Vivian’s son John was exalted in due course, and currently John’s son Guy is a very active member, as well as holding high office in Supreme Grand Chapter and the Metropolitan Grand Chapter.
    We hope, naturally, that he will still be with us in 14 years’ time to celebrate our centenary, and by then he may have been joined by his son, who is already a Craft Mason. That would be the fifth generation.

Alan Hakim, Scribe E, Richard Eve Chapter No 2772.

Motto of the Gunners
I refer to the letter “Gunners everywhere” in MQ Issue No. 10. The motto of the Royal Regiment of Artillery is quo Fas et Gloria Ducunt. “Ubique” is not the motto but the battle honour, the premise being that the regiment has fought in every battle – too many to list. It has been “everywhere”. I therefore fear that Cyril Zipson’s drill sergeant was wrong, although I am sure no-one would have been foolish enough to suggest this to him.

M J Blythe, Finchhampstead, Berkshire

Admiral Robinson VC
A friend recently showed me the April 2004 issue of MQ magazine containing a letter from R A Richardson about three Masonic Victoria Cross winners – F W Lumsden, E G Robinson and C C Dobson.
    Eric Gascoigne Robinson was my wife’s grandfather. Mr Richardson mentions the coincidence of Lumsden and Robinson being initiated together.
    It is also of interest to note that C C Dobson was awarded the VC for leading a squadron of Coastal Motor Boats (CMBs) – an early model of the MTB (Motor Torpedo Boat) – in an attack on the Bolshevik fleet at Kronstadt during the Russian civil war.
    At the same time, E G Robinson was also in command of a squadron of CMBs in action against the Bolshevik fleet – but in the Caspian Sea. He was awarded the (White) Russian Order of St Anne and the Order of the British Empire. Rear-Admiral Robinson VC is buried at St John’s Church, Langrish, Hampshire.

Carl Clayton, Sheffield

Tom Ryan (second left) presents the arch stones to Tenerife Chapter No. 24 with (l to r) Colin Skelton, Jeff Ashton and Norman Goodall.
   Helping Tenerife
Tenerife Chapter No. 24 on the island of Tenerife was consecrated in August 2002 and had purchased all the equipment except the arch stones. This fact was passed on by Kings Lodge No. 3101, West Lancashire Province.
    To my surprise, within two months there arrived on my doorstep a magnificent set of arch stones inside a marvellous carrying case, made by Chapter member Tom Fairley, who went along to our Chapter room in Hope Street, Liverpool and took all the measurements.
    Subsequently I was able to present them personally to Tenerife Chapter on behalf of both King’s Lodge and Chapter in West Lancashire, and the ladies of the Chapter members had their own dinner the same evening as the meeting.
    Should anyone wish to visit a Lodge or Chapter in Tenerife I will be happy to provide the necessary information. Long live Masonry throughout the world!

Tom Ryan, 3 Royal Croft, West Derby, Liverpool L12 2BJ