ISSUE 11, October 2004
Elias Ashmole: Masonic Icon
Travel: The magical beauty of Scotland
Honoured: By the Glovers' livery company
The Theatre: Strong links between Craft and stage
Quarterly Communication: Address of the Pro Grand Master and, Report of the Board of General Purposes
Mauritius: Fascinating Masonic history
Rochester Cathedral: Kent Masons' magnificent fresco
Clerkenwell: 25 years of Masonry
  Bravery award: One Mason's heroism is honoured
Christmas shopping: What to buy in London's West End
High flight: Helping terminally ill children
Jewels of the Craft: An essential part of Masonry
Library & Museum: John Pine exhibition and Library & Museum Trust report
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Triple Espérance Summons

Logos of Lodge of Harmony and The British Lodge

RW Bro Lindsay Descombes
    The first Lodge under the Irish Constitution was formed by the 4th Foot – the King’s Own Royal Regiment (Lancaster) – when they were in garrison in 1857. Part of a letter sent from the island explains it all: To the Deputy Grand Secretary – Ireland
Port Louis, Mauritius

6th day of the 10th month
AL 5857

Sir & Brother

We beg leave to advise you of the arrival of our Warrant No. 91. The Ceremony of Installation took place on the 5th day of the 10th month AL 5857 in the lodge Room of the Lodge “La Triple Espérance”, Port Louis, Mauritius.

It was conducted by the Worshipful master of the Lodge “La Triple Espérance” du Grand Orient de France, and his Officers.

    Lodge No. 235 – The Military Lodge – the name was in remembrance of its origin, was believed to have been inaugurated in 1858, removed from report in 1870 and its Warrant returned in 1873.
    It was an Irish Lodge – Independent Lodge No. 236 – that in 1879 caused some controversy. A letter from W. Bro. W. Rickwood, its Master, to the Grand Lodge of Ireland (GLOI), mentions that: “Lodge Amitié No. 245 is on most friendly and fraternal terms with my Lodge and since our Inauguration the Freemasons of the island have taken a stand against us.”
    This arose because he did not invite deputations from other Lodges or officially notify them of the existence of the Lodge, and his members were not welcomed as visitors. Fortunately, sense prevailed and it ended amicably.
    Lodge of Friendship No. 266 came as Mauritius was going through hard times and disappeared some 14 years later. Trinity Lodge No. 925 was constituted in 2001.
    Grande Loge Nationale Française (GLNF), the only regular Masonic institution in France, was petitioned in 1992 for a Warrant, and for the first time in more than a century, Lodges that had operated in isolation could now join forces. They could talk openly and prepare the constitution of a regular National Grand Lodge of Mauritius.
    Under the GLNF, Lodge Louis Auguste Ormière No. 710 (January 1992) has been followed by eight others using the Rite Français Moderne, the Émulation Rite and the Ancient and Accepted Scottish Rite.
    In December 2002, the GLNF, with the agreement of the UGLE, the GLOS and the GLOI, created and constituted the District Grand Lodge of Mauritius (DGLM). It is hoped that the DGLM will be consecrated with RW Bro Lindsay Descombes as first District Grand Master.

Michael Allan’s book Freemasonry in Mauritius is due to be published this autumn