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Your Children’s Hospice needs you!

Sister Francis, pictured with the Queen at Douglas House, was a prime instigator in starting the Children’s Hospice movement

Prince Charles formally opened Ty Hafan Children’s Hospice near Cardiff
   The lifelites project of the Royal Masonic Trust for Girls and Boys (RMTGB) is a visible face of Freemasonry in the community. The project started off as the Millennium project of the RMTGB in 1999 with four children’s hospices receiving computer equipment.
     Today, 32 hospices have received lifelites equipment and there are another five sites that will receive equipment once they have completed their building phase.
     The children’s hospice movement is enthusiastically supported by the Royal family. Prince Charles formally opened Ty Hafan Children’s Hospice near Cardiff. The Queen and Prince Philip have subsequently opened Douglas House in Oxford.
     The object of the project is to provide life-limited children with an opportunity of using computers to assist with their education and to provide a means of communication. Continuous Internet access is provided, but this is carefully controlled so as to provide as safe an environment as possible.
     In addition to a number of networked computers, each hospice is provided with a digital camera and colour laser printer so that the staff can give parents a memento of their child’s stay at the hospice.
     Very large plasma screen televisions have recently been added to the scale of lifelites equipment given to the hospices. These have proved immensely popular with the children as they can enjoy watching programmes together.
     Each hospice has a ‘Local Masonic Support Team’. The role of these teams is to encourage and train the care staff to enable the children to use the lifelites computers and equipment.
     If you are IT literate and can spare the time – usually a couple of hours every few weeks – and would like to join a team near you, please write to the RMTGB quoting reference ‘lifelites support’. All volunteers at a children’s hospice must undergo a Criminal Records Bureau check.
     It is a little known fact that,when compared with an adult hospice, a children’s hospice receives little or no support from State funds.


Supporting those in medical need

Stories about the ongoing difficulties of the NHS, particularly with regard to waiting list times, continue to appear regularly in the press. Some people, faced with a long wait for an operation, look towards funding the treatment themselves.
     Others simply assume that they have no option but to wait. One Freemason, told that he needed a triple heart by-pass, wrote:
     “I am just an ordinary guy, life has had it’s ups and downs, I’ve made money and lost money and like most of the population not given a lot of thought to ‘what ifs’ when it comes to making provision for rainy days – particularly ill-health. Isn’t that what we have the NHS for? So, like a million and one others, I was resigned to having to wait my turn.”
     Fortunately for him, his Lodge Almoner knew that for many Freemasons and their dependants the New Masonic Samaritan Fund (NMSF) offers a very real alternative.


To Brethren on the voters list for the year 2004

To Lodge Representatives on the voters list for the year 2004

Notice is hereby given that the


will be held on
Thursday 28th October 2004

Full details of the Agenda and Nominees for election will appear on our website after Wednesday 15th September 2004.

Those eligible to attend the meeting are Patrons of the Trust, Vice Patrons of the former Institutions and Representatives of Patron Lodges. If you are in any doubt about your eligibility please contact the Trust.

Copies of our Annual Review will be available after the meeting and can be requested online at or by telephoning the Trust on 020 7405 2644.

Registered Charity No. 285836