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Report of the Board of General Purposes

Grand Lodge Register 1992-2001

The tables below show the number of Lodges on the Register and of Certificates issued during the past ten years.

Lodges on the Grand Lodge Register
District & Abroad814818820820823798798800803802

Grand Lodges Certificates Issued
Issued at Freemasons' Hall12,91611,01111,05410,79610,60210,2219,8449,3238,6558,325
Issued by District Grand Masters1,0271,3539691,1661,0551,2469711,007724967

The Internet - Forum and chat rooms

The Board of General Purposes is aware that some Brethren are using the Internet not only to make contact with other Freemasons, which may be unexceptionable, but also as a means of guidance on questions which should properly be addressed to their Provincial or District Grand Secretaries, from whom authorised answers are available.

Such enquiries frequently elicit a variety of different answers (of which many are, in the nature of things, likely to be wrong).

The Board considers that directing questions on protocol and similar matters to those participating in an Internet forum is inappropriate both for that reason and because of the nature of the subject matter involved.

Charges for patents and warrants

Charges for the year commencing 1 April 2002 (exclusive of VAT) are: A Provincial or District Grand Master or a Grand Inspector (nil), Warrant for a new Lodge (325), Warrant of Confirmation (440), Warrant for a Centenary Jewel (325), Warrant of Confirmation of a Centenary Jewel (400), Warrant for a Bi-Centenary Bar (440), Warrant of Confirmation for a Bi-Centenary Bar (440), Certificate of Amalgamation (20), Enfacement (Alterations) Fee (68).

Increased fees for 2003

Increased fees for 2003 (exclusive of VAT) payable for registration, certificates and dispensations are increased by approximately 3%. The Board also recommends a further 3% increase for 2004 (figures in brackets): A Grand Officer, present or past, on first appointment 75 (77.24); A Deputy or Assistant Provincial or District Grand Master 42.75 (44); A holder of London Grand Rank or London Rank 20.60 (21.20), A holder of Overseas Grand Rank 17 (17.50); A Mason, inclusive of Grand Lodge Certificate (initiation, or joining from a Lodge not under the Grand Lodge): London Lodge 42.75 (44), Provincial Lodge 37 (38.10), District Lodge 23.75 (24.45), Lodge abroad not under a District 33.50 (34.50). The replacement or amendment of a Grand Lodge Certificate $42.75 (44), A certificate for a Serving Brother 23.75 (24.45), a Dispensation by the Grand Master nunc pro tunc 41.50 (42.70).

Annual Dues

Annual dues (exclusive of VAT) payable to Grand Lodge in respect of each member of every Lodge for 2003 are: London (18.75), Province (10.50), District (2.77) and Abroad not in a District (4.38).

The Board is likely to recommend to Grand Lodge that dues in 2004 be increased by approximately 3% to: London (19.30), Province (10.80), District (2.80) and Abroad not in a District (4.50).

Contributions to the Grand Charity

Contributions payable to The Grand Charity in respect of each member of a Lodge for 2003 is: London 6 and a Province 5.25. No payment is due in respect of members of Lodges overseas.


The Board has decided not to grant recognition to four Grand Lodges in India, namely the Grand Lodges of Upper India, South India, Western India and Eastern India.

New Lodges

Warrants have been granted to Shotokan Karate 9752 (Freemasons' Hall, London), St Tydfil's 9753 (Merthyr Tydfil, South Wales, Eastern Division), William Webb Ellis 9754 (Rugby, Warwickshire), Lodge of Marksmen 9755 (Harleston, Norfolk).

Erasure of Lodges

The following Lodges have surrendered their Warrants and will be erased from the Register: Emeritus 6137 (Surrey), Light in Assam 3195 (Bengal), Lodge of Israel (2691 (South Africa, Western Division), Jubilee 5597 (South Africa, Western Division), Three Columns 8410 (West Kent), Masada 8638 (West Lancashire).


In the year ending 31 December 2001 there were no resignations from the Craft.

Re-election of Grand Master

On the proposal of W.Bro. P. Taylor, and seconded by W.Bro. P. Cheney PAGDC, the MW the Grand Master was re-elected with acclaim.

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